Before daygame I used Tinder. It was very easy to get laid once I knew how to run good dates. But I don’t do it anymore. And there are two reasons for it.

Tinder is for ugly girls

I know it sounds harsh. But think about it. If a girl is hot, good 7 or better, she has guys hitting at her all the time. Someone hits at her at work, university, gym, streets, parties, clubs, etc. She always has some guys(who are alfa enough to come up to her) chasing her. Why would a girl who has so much attention be on Tinder? Which brings us to the second problem I have with Tinder.

Tinder is for weak men

What does it say about a man if all he can do to meet girls is swipe or send a dm? Means he has little social life and doesn’t meet enough girls in his day to day activities. And even if he does – he’s afraid to hit on them. And he definitely doesn’t have enough balls to talk to hot girls on streets, malls, etc. Why would a hot, young girl want to fuck a guy like that?

Why do women date weak guys?

Top guys who get the hottest girls meet them on the streets, in nightclubs or through their social circle(I will write my thoughts why “social circle game” is only good as a back-up option another time).

Top girls are with those guys. But there comes a time(age) when they aren’t hot enough anymore. Top guys don’t want them. Where do they get guys then? Exactly – somewhere where the standards are lower. Tinder. And if they aren’t hot enough for Tinder, they’ll use other dating apps.

Most Tinder guys hate me for this. Everyone who dates hot girls agrees

I’ve spoken about this with many guys who are on Tinder. They all say girls on Tinder are hot. I’ve even checked their Tinder profiles to see girls they’re sleeping with. And yes – they are hot but only according to their standards.

Everyone who has left Tinder for daygame(or nightgame if they’re good at it) agrees with me. They’ve dated girls who aren’t on Tinder. And their standards have changed. Average girl on streets is way better than average girl on Tinder.

How to get over fear and start getting laid from daygame?

This Thursday, Dec 27th. I’ll be doing a free webinar in which I’ll explain what helped me get started with daygame. How to overcame fear. How to find time for it. How to learn what to say. Etc. I’m doing this because when I started I didn’t find any material that helped me daygaming. Nothing seemed to work for me. So I put together this webinar. If you want to participate, send me an e-mail( and I’ll give you all the details.