Season opening

We were out on one of the first warm, sunny days in Riga. Everyone’s happy, people are drinking beers in outdoor bars and girls have dug deep in their closets to finally put on short summer dresses.

We called it the opening of the 2020 hunting season. Both me and my wing had done 5 sets. I had opened a chick with the word “pussy” tattooed on her inner lip, an incredibly hot club hostess and a few others. Not bad for the first day out.

I’m done with the day

We were on our way to a small bar to grab a beer and chill out when I saw a cute chick dressed all in pink with pink hair passing us. You know the type that looks innocent but clearly is into more interesting stuff than missionary and can probably deepthroat?

I was done with my day and didn’t want to open. But my wing called me out – “Come on! It’s your type! I hate them. You love them!”

I went in and a minute later we were talking about her work in sex & BDSM industry and sharing out psychedelic experiences.

Bondage, drugs and sex parties

We went on a date and she showed up in a short dress with fishnets.

The conversation was mostly about everything you shouldn’t talk on a date – drugs, sex, BDSM, bondage, play parties, etc. Even in the 1st bar. We sprinkled in a few down to earth topics to not go too crazy.

I didn’t do much physical escalation in the 2nd venue. Sometimes I prefer to build up the tension and escalate when I’m at my place.

As we started talking about both of us wanting to have a smoke, she hinted she doesn’t live far. But instead we went to my place.

It was pretty straight forward. We spoke a bit about each other’s fetishes and pretty soon started undressing each other.

In the end I was right:

  • She had a soft nice-girl side almost no-one gets to see(I didn’t see it but felt it was there deep inside)
  • She was someone who liked things more interesting than missionary
  • And she can deepthroat

That’s what I call a good first date.

But there was no game!

But, wait, Rob, what’s the moral of the story? You opened a girl, went on a date, pulled home and fucked. There was no real game involved. Why would you write this story?

Because I like this type of girls. Innocent looking, crazy ones who are into BDSM, are a good fuck and love teasing their followers with pics from barely dressed fetish photo shoots.

If I had been done with my day and went for that beer I’d probably never have spoken to her. And never had felt my dick sliding down her throat.

So whenever you don’t open a hot girl – you might miss a crazy adventure like this one.