As my 1.5 weeks of coaching in Krakow continues so does “How to stop being a “nice guy”” video series.

But what exactly “nice guy” and “bad boy” mean?

Nice guys who a 9-5 job they don’t like. If they got rich all of a sudden, they would stop working. They are working to earn money not because they love what they do and would do it for free.

A bad boy does whatever the hell he wants. He works a job he loves. Or has a business he loves. If he won the biggest lottery and got 1 billion, he would keep doing whatever he is doing. Because he loves it.

Nice guys will go to gym one day. Or they are doing it. But still have beer bellies. They’ve been doing the same stuff to get fit for years. But haven’t gotten anywhere. And you cannot talk to them about it. Because they know everything.

Bad boy is results oriented. He goes to the gym. And gets fitter and fitter. If he doesn’t, he knows he’s doing something wrong. He will find a way to look good naked.