A few days ago a guy from Belgium/Netherlands joins our Daygame Church group chat. Our good old friend Frank throws out a joke that guys in Belgium are banging chicks while wearing clogs.

One thing led to another and a few hours later, brother Frank, being the professional writer he is, send me over this masterpiece.

I was in my Airbnb in Porto with a student I’m coaching there. I’m pretty sure the student heard me laughing for 10 minutes while I was reading this stuff.

So – enjoy brother Frank’s piece on why clogs are such a major influence in Dutch sex-life.

There’s a frequent complaint in the daygame and pick up communities: all the information is already known. The methods and models for how to seduce women from street to bed have been public for a long time, since the dawn of daygame and YouTube. Any dating gurus promising the real secret tricks to get her ripping her clothes off if you just subscribe to their channel or sign up for their email list are just rehashing old ideas. When a daygame coach says he’s gonna tell you his favorite secret spots to game and then lists Barcelona, New York, and London, you know he’s a charlatan, or that he’s keeping his true favorites to himself. 

Well I’m no master seducer but today I’m going to reveal a trick that has done wonders for my game and allowed me to have a harem of gorgeous libidinous women. I currently have a waiting list of seventeen women who want to be let in. Bro, I told you this stuff is powerful. What I’m going to tell you below is something that’s currency with just a handful of top seducers. Will they be angry that I’m making this known? Yes, but fuck them. We are in strange times. Who knows how much longer humans will continue on this earth. It’s time for this seduction tool to get the widespread adoption it deserves. Be warned though: with great knowledge comes great power and responsibility. This trick will transform your sex life. You will go from having no girls to more than you can handle. Don’t use this tool on every woman you seduce. Its effect on women, especially sexy, powerful women, is too great. While most men would love to have gorgeous women banging on their door every night, you don’t know how much of a problem that is until it happens. Use the following wisely and at your discretion.


Yes, clogs. Don’t know what those are? See the attached image and stop being so uncultured. They are traditional wooden shoes that hot Dutch chicks wear because in Holland they don’t teach girls to tie shoe laces unless they get a Master’s degree. The Dutch are freaks. The French invented tongue kissing, Brazilians popularised string bikinis, and the naughty Dutch invented super heavy wooden shoes that go flying off their feet when they try to walk. But the Dutch are also smart. They invented these incredibly cumbersome shoes to keep Dutch women wet and to keep them in line. See below the real reasons behind the invention of clogs.


You want to know when and where your women are. Think of the loud click clack of high heels coming down a polished office hallway, alerting you it’s time to put your cock back in your pants and close the porn browsers on your computer because a woman is arriving. But how much do women complain about high heels? A lot! “They hurt, this street is bumpy, I don’t know how to walk,” blah blah blah. That’s when you give her a pair of clogs. You tell her, these are the most comfortable shoes on earth. No stiletto heel, and, yes, dear, no laces. But for us men, when she wears clogs, we’ll hear her approach, because when a woman wears clogs she sounds like a horse clomping down the street, each step causing a mini-earthquake vibration. 

More control

The Dutch are geniuses. They told their women: the way to wear clogs is you take them off before you come inside the home. Your clogs might be dirty, because you’ve been walking in shit and dirt all day like a horse, so leave your clogs outside the home on the doorstep. The beauty is that if one of your girls comes over and leaves her clogs outside your door, any other chicks who approach will then see the first girl’s clogs and she’ll know not to enter the home unless she’s up for a threesome. What I do is have my clogs custom-made. I’m bald and fat so I have these special clogs made for my chicks that have a fat bald guy painted on the top. I tell my girls it’s a Buddha type of figure if Buddha was a white American genius and that just wearing these special clogs with my likeness will make them wise like the Buddha but also really horny and smart and powerful like me. Having all your girls wear the same clogs will make them feel like they’re on a special team of sluts. Other chicks will get competitive and jealous and want to try out for your slut team.

Sex toy

Look at how smooth clogs are. Why do you think that is? This was basically the first vibrator, bro. Think it’s too big to go inside a lady? You need to watch more porn. Like the real deal Rocco Siffredi shit. He puts much bigger items inside his chicas. You don’t have to put a clog all the way inside a female, although I have (I’ve actually double-clogged a woman before, but that’s a story for another post, so make sure you subscribe to my email list). Also, note the pointed tip at the end — okay I can hear the gears in your brain starting to move. Yes, the tip at the end of the clog is for clitoral stimulation. The clog is the swiss army knife of shoes/sex toys. Many uses in a single item.


We’re not talking about S&M whips and ropes. I mean real corporal punishment — it’s not something I advocate but sometimes, every once and a while, like when a woman is leaving your harem for a guy who gives her nicer clogs, or maybe that asshole wants her to wear “modern clogs” in the form of Crocs, you have to punish her. The great thing though is that you can always play it off like an accident. You wear your own clogs and just take a big step like you’re marching and let one of your clogs fly off your foot and hit your chick in the back of the head as she’s trying to leave you for another dude. She’ll pass out and when she wakes up you tell her she tripped and fell but landed on her own clog which protected her head from hitting the ground and killing her. 

Okay, those are the basic benefits of clogs. There are some super secret Jedi uses of clogs that will get you Playboy and Victoria’s Secret models, but I can’t give those away here. Sign up for my newsletter and subscribe to my YouTube channel to get my top secret uses of clogs to get any woman in the world.