The 10 commandments of a Daygame Wing are described more in depth in St. Robert Podcast Episode 17.

1. You shall be a good wing

  • Do your sets
  • Let your wing do his sets
  • Do they want to wing with you?
  • Don’t stay next to a set

2. You shall not go out in groups

3. You shall not go out with guys who will never be good

Don’t go out with guys who are fans of the material they are learning from but can’t back it up with results. Exception – if many other guys have proven the material to be effective.

4. You shall not go out with pussies

Some guys just want to be nice guys. Be themselves. And meet a lovely girl to settle down with. You are not ready for the reality of daygame. And they go out only with other guys like that. And they are not getting any results in daygame. Don’t be one of those guys.

5. You shall go out on your own

  • Wings are just trainings wheels
  • Goal is to go out on your own
  • Did 5 sets with a wing? Next time go out alone

6. You shall go out with weaker and stronger wings

  • It’s fine to go out with weaker guys if it helps you overcome your approach anxiety
  • Better guys often will want to go out with you if you are a cool dude and are not needy

7. You results shall be shit

  • Sometimes it seems like you are running better sets when out with wings. But they often flake afterwards
  • Results with wings are worse than solo daygame

8. You shall help each other

  • Listen to sets
  • Watch body posture

9. You shall not be a pussy and avoid two sets

  • Crazy adventures like threesomes and foursomes happen when you do two-sets/three-sets
  • Two sets help you develop your game after you’ve got the basics down

10. You shall wing with people from different countries

  • Meet with traveling daygamers
  • They often have decent game
  • Add value by showing best daygame spots, date venues, bars, places to see, etc.

Where to find daygame wings?

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