How to take control of your dating life and learn to talk to girls you like anywhere – streets, shops, cafes, gyms, elevators, etc

Guys are dating average looking girls who have chosen them. They’ve met through social circle, work or online dating. Average girls who still try to control them. Or they have problems meeting girls at all. All the time they’re seeing beautiful girls around them but are missing opportunities to meet them. It’s as if a wall builds up in them if they even think about talking to a beautiful girl they see. They completely freeze up.

Imagine you could control your fear and talk to any young, beautiful girl you saw if only you wanted to? You could walk up to her, say “Hi!” and know what to say. Even better – you would know what to say and do to take girl’s number and go on a date with her. You would be in control of your dating life.

Well, I used to date girls who chose me instead of me choosing them. But I learned how to overcome fear and start talking to girls I like anywhere. And I’ve seen other guys do it. Let me tell you how.


When I started I walked around for 2 weeks almost every day and couldn’t walk up to a girl

When I first decided to go out in the streets to talk to girls I like, it didn’t go as planned. I just couldn’t walk up to a girl. I kept walking around, seeing all these beautiful girls and listening to voices in my head telling me why I shouldn’t do it.

I went out for 2 hours almost every day for 2 weeks until I first gathered enough courage to talk to a girl I liked. And even then – I was able to do it because I got laid the previous night and was in a great mood. I can’t always be in such a good mood. So it worked only when I had really good vibe.

I couldn’t find advice on how to overcome fear that worked for me

I watched every YouTube video I could find on how to overcome fear. Most of them didn’t help. Some helped for a little bit. I learned all the theory – I knew how to talk to girls and what to do. At least in theory. But the more I knew the more it paralysed me. I had to remember all of these things to say. And do it the right way. I went out with other people. That helped while I was out with other people. Not on my own.

But then I tried something different

I stopped going out to do these long 2 hour sessions to talk to 10 girls. I tried starting out slow. I challenged myself to talk to one girl I liked every day for a week. And slowly started doing more and more after seeing myself succeed with the small challenges. It worked. In a few months I was in control of my fear! I could go and talk to beautiful girls I liked anywhere – streets, shops, cafes, etc.

I got good. And I got good fast

Since Oct 15th 2017 I’ve spoken to around 1700 girls I liked and wanted to meet(Today it’s June, 2020). I got 100s of numbers, facebook and Instagram details. I went on more than 100 dates. And slept with more than 50 of these girls. And that’s only daygame. That doesn’t even include girls I’ve met through social circle and business. It’s been a crazy time. From girls who are barely legal age to girls at my age(I’m 32). Threesomes, foursomes, bdsm and other crazy adventures. I know it’s not for everyone. But I’m just saying – you can do that if only you wanted to.

One of world’s best daygame coaches told me to start coaching

Soon after I got noticed by some of the big guys. I got interview in world largest Daygame podcast(Tom Torero podcast) after which guys from USA, Canada, Australia, Belgium and other countries wanted to get coaching. I started to coach guys both in Riga, Latvia and travel to do in-field coaching abroad.

I also got contacted by Russia’s largest pick-up company(RMES. Not sure, they might actually be the largest in the world. 160 000+ guys have participated in their coaching programs). I worked with them for a while. Running group coaching programs for all types of guys who are fed up with dating average girls.

I realised infield 1-on-1 coaching sometimes isn’t the best solution for guys who are only starting out

But I understood that in-field coaching is good for guys who can already approach or can afford it. It’s not cheap. So I created something for guys who want to start learning to meet girls in streets, malls, etc.

I tested everything that had worked for me and my in-field coaching students. And I tested it on multiple online coaching students. And it was working. Guys who had crippling approach anxiety were going out, talking to girls, getting numbers going on dates and even getting laid.

TOP mistakes guys make when starting to learn to talk to beautiful girls they like


Learning too much theory before they go out regularly

You have to know some basic theory before you first go talking to girls. All the theory you need before you first go out can be packed in a 10 minute video. If you want to start having full 10 minute conversations, all the theory you need for the first month can be packed in a 30 minute video.

I see many guys spending hours learning from YouTube videos. They know how to talk to girls. In theory. But the more they learn, the harder it is to go out and talk to girls. All of a sudden instead of 10 minutes of theory they have to remember 30 hours of it. And they know they will freeze because they will not know what to say to a girl. There is just too much to remember.

Learn 10 minutes of theory, start talking to girls and only then – learn more theory.


Buying books/online products that teach game

The right book will really teach you a lot of good theory. You will learn basics you need to run good sets. But most books are crap. And the good ones are expensive. Almost everything you can read in these books you can learn on YouTube for free. The good books teach you the theory but still don’t get you to take your first steps gradually, overcome fear and build discipline to take control of your dating life. Knowledge is not the key. Taking action is. Many people spend money on books/online courses and still don’t learn to take action.

Spending money on bootcamps/trainings

I am a daygame coach. So this is the moments I start telling your how great it is and how you should spend your money, right? No. Not really. Getting infield coaching is a great option. But it’s not the cheapest.

It really teaches you to daygame. You can get from 0 to having solid conversations and getting numbers in 3-5 days. It’s the best way if you can afford it. But it will cost you a minimum of 1500 euro.


Using the wrong theory material

I’ve met probably over one hundred guys who are going out to meet girls they like in streets of their cities. Some of them were bad and didn’t get results. Some of them were great – meeting girls they like, going on dates and getting laid with them.

I noticed something. All the bad ones were learning from the same coaches. And all the good ones were learning from the same(different then bad guys) coaches. Both the bad and good ones told the guys they learn from are amazing. But they results were so different.

You will spend a lot of time doing bad game and still think you’re doing everything right if you learn from the wrong material.

Why there are so many guys learning about game. But so few gamers

If you explore YouTube and blogs enough you’ll she that most of the advice on getting started is “just go out and approach”, “do 10 approaches”, “learn to change your state” or even meditation. Obviously anyone who is coaching will tell you to but their coaching packages.

This advice works for some people. But you know how many people are watching videos and reading about game but have not became gamers yet. I have a very simple approach. You should start with what you are not afraid to do. And do a little bit more every time until you became confident enough to talk to any girl you like.

It might sound easy. And I was sure people could do it on their own. And they can if they are disciplined enough, will not get depressed from all the negative responses and will find ways to overcome fears. When I first started “The New Daygamer” online coaching program I saw how difficult it was for people. Sometimes they needed to take very small steps and talk about the obstacles they faced. And sometimes they had to challenge themselves. You need a perfect balance between taking small steps and challenging yourself to make sure you not only go out and do your first opens but get to doing it regularly and getting results.

Three things helped me create a program that worked


I had tried all of it on myself, my 1-on-1 coaching clients and test groups

I had terrible approach anxiety when I started. I learned to deal with it and got great results. I didn’t realise how good the results were until I met one of the best daygame coaches walking down my regular daygame street in Riga, Latvia. I met Tom Torero and after hearing my story he was surprised by my stats and suggested I start coaching. A few months later after I met him again he interviewed me on the worlds largest, longest going pick-up podcast after which I got several clients from USA, Canada, Australia, Belgium, Latvia and Lithuania.

It helped me get my first clients, get a following and test methods that worked for me on other people.

i have worked with two completely opposite game approaches

When working with Russian seduction project RMES, I saw how a completely different approach worked. There we are sending guys with very little knowledge of pick-up out in the streets to meet girls. And even without teaching them any “lines” or “routines” and giving very little theory they get amazing results. There we focus on guys taking action first, learning theory second.

Certified life and business coach background

Before I started coaching guys how to take control of their dating life I was a life coach for small business owners. I got certified by Erickson Coaching International about 5 years ago. It helped me learn to work with very different people. I learned to understand how different people are and how everyone needs his own approach. Someone needs to take small steps. Someone needs challenges.

I’ve seen guys who have been at this for a year or more and still haven’t learned to do it on their own. Knowing what works for different people helped me create a program that could get guys from having crippling fear to doing regular approaches in 2 months.

And that’s what I’m proud of. Seeing that what I’ve created helps guys finally became someone who takes action, go out, overcame fear and have their first conversations with beautiful girls they like.

Introducing “The New Daygamer”

2 months long online coaching program to teach you how to take control of your dating life, overcame fear and start meeting girls you like anywhere

Part 1: Talk to first girls

  • Why most guys never start talking to girls and how my students learn to do it
  • How to get your mind ready to talk to girls(even before you are ready to do it)
  • The Big Bang: talking to a girl you like on a street for the first time
  • Wrong and right way to get from first conversation to meeting new girls regularly

Part 3: 20+ girls every week

  • How to really take control of your dating life. Fast
  • Why most beginners are needy with girls and how to fix it
  • How to spot mistakes in your conversations and learn what to say to girls

Part 2: First challenge

  • Why challenging yourself(at the right time) will take your learning to the next level
  • The difference between guys who learn to talk to girls fast and those who take forever(or never learn it)
  • How to deal with failure and how it can either destroy you or help you learn faster

Part 4: Final challenge

  • How long does it take to learn to really meet the girls you like?
  • The secret to doing it faster(most guys miss this)
  • How to become the guy girls want to hook up with and see again
  • The secret to how I stopped chasing girls and made them chase me

Before the course I only dreamed about this and was amazed by guys who could meet girls on streets. For me it was something from another world, but I’ve always wanted to find out how it works, because one thing was clear – what you aren’t born with, you can learn!

Right after joining this course I understood this is the recipe that works. After going through course material and doing the warm-up exercises I went out to practice and the results shocked me.

I did an approach 5 minutes away from my house when I was taking a walk with my friends to the supermarket. We saw two young girls. About 18 years old. And my friends immediately asked me to show what I had learned. I asked one of them to help me and just stand next to me so that the girls see we are two guys. Using the model I had learned I felt comfortable in having this conversation very fast and we all went for a little walk. After 1 hours both girls were sitting in my apartment, drinking cocktails.

The most valuable thing I got out of this course was the ability to overcome and deal with my fears, confidence and ability to think fast and react to different situations.


Soldier, Latvian National Armed Forces

Before this course I had much bigger fear and stress of approaching a girl and starting a conversation. I didn’t feel comfortable in the conversations.

In the end fear, stress and discomfort has either become much lower or completely disappeared. Conversations are more interesting and easier to have. I’ve gotten phone numbers, facebook details. And during this program I got laid with a girl I met on a street.

The most important things I’ve gotten out of this are greater self-confidence and ability to do things I couldn’t do before.



Before taking this course I was stressed about everything and the conversations seemed very fake. It seemed impossible to start a conversation with a girl on a street. Asking for a number seemed even more impossible.

During the course I understand what should I work on a the results came. During the course I spoke to 5-10 girls per day and could even get numbers!


Online entrepreneur

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Money back guarantee?

I could offer you a money-back guarantee. But there are two reasons I will not.

  1. If you do the steps I will give you, you will overcome your fears and learn to start meeting girls you like. Plenty of guys have done it. Even with the worst cases of anxiety and fear
  2. When you will face a roadblock, my job is to help you overcome it. I want you to not be able to quit, take charge of your dating life and learn to meet girls you like anywhere!

(Don’t worry. I haven’t had anyone who would have wanted to quit)

How long have you been trying to change something?

How long have you wanted to take control of you dating life and learn to meet beautiful girls you choose? How long have you been wanting to start doing something? Or how long have you been doing something without getting real results and meeting the level of girls you like?

What makes you think something will change tomorrow? What makes you think you will figure it out by keeping doing the same thing you are doing?

If you read this far, you want to change your dating life.

Learn to meet beautiful girls you like together with likeminded guys using a tested and proven coaching program!

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