• Where to take a girl on a date
  • Worst and best things to do on a date
  • 5 EUR/USD date hack
  • How to set the right frame at the beginning to succeed with lay
  • Dumbest ways to ask a girl out on a date
  • Simple and effective way to ask a girl out
  • Coffee/tea vs wine/beer on a date
  • What to talk about on a date
  • How to convey in an indirect but understandable way that you aren’t looking for a relationship
  • Topics to talk about: Venue 1
  • Topics to talk about: Venue 2
  • How to seed a pull home
  • Should you show that you like the same things as she does? So that you have more in common. Or should you keep your distance, show it in some cases and not others?
  • Bad things to have in common with a girl
  • Good things to have in common with a girl
  • How to use teasing, challenging and qualifying to keep the conversation interesting
  • What is a good amount of escalation for first date and what is too much?
  • How much time should you spend in venue 1, venue 2 and when should you pull her home?
  • How to know when it’s time for the next stage/step?
  • When to escalate further?
  • When to take it slow?
  • 5 things to do when a girl is acting like a princess

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