Understand your sticking points and what exactly to do to improve your daygame

Sometimes you keep working on your daygame but the results improve too slow. It seems you’re doing everything right. But the girls still don’t stop, have to go, aren’t interested or flake when you text them. That’s normal. I see this in Skype coaching calls with students all the time. They don’t know the mistakes they’re making.

When students learn their biggest mistakes, they immediately know exactly what 1 or 2 things to focus on during their conversations with girls. And, as you can read in the testimonials below, the results improve immediately.

My job during the call is simple – to listen to their sets, explain the mistakes they’re making and tell students how to fix them.

How does the Skype coaching work?

After we schedule the call:

  1. if you are already daygaming, I will explain you the best ways to record your sets
  2. you will go out, record some sets and send them to me
  3. I’ll listen to them before the call
  4. we will focus on a few most important sticking points you have in your sets
  5. we will come up with a plan to fix them
  6. and discuss any other questions you have

After the call you will know EXACTLY what your biggest mistakes are and WHAT SPECIFIC STEPS you need to take to fix them

Here is what other students have said after our coaching calls:

Hey Folks, today I had a coaching call with @St_Robert and I’m very happy about this choice, he even had the courage to listen to my infields. He provided me with useful feedback and actionable advice, correcting me on the technical aspect of game and explaining me the theory behind, I went out immediately and I got due numbers right away, while if I didn’t do, much likely it wouldn’t have happened so I can only say good things

Mr. A.

So guys, today I had a coaching call with @St_Robert to improve some sticking points. He listened to some real cringy sets I’ve recorded and nailed in the head the problems right away with accuracy and I’m very happy about that because I have a solution for a big problem. The funny thing? While we were on Skype he had a girl passing behind sneaking into the shower…if there is any better demonstration of “do what you preach”?

Highly recommend

Mr. A.

Guys, just did a coaching call sesh with the good saint & can say it was easily worth the value if not 2x.

He was able to give clear, concise no BS feedback on sets, structure, sticking points. and any random questions I had.

I have a good roadmap moving forward and most importantly, don’t forget to have some fun.

10/10 would recommend – cheers

Mr. C.

So today Robert and I did a coaching call, focused on an action plan for getting started after a long break based on my previous sticking points and also some specific questions on on Russian girls.

He went through some openers, hook lines and compliance tests he’s found effective recently and answered my questions on the daygame regimen.

He told me some interesting things about Russian women as well. I was surprised to hear he doesn’t find them too difficult to lay on the first date.

Good meeting you. I intend to have some in fields analysed in the future.

Mr. S.

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