Ask Me Anything episode with my girlfriend.

  • How did we meet?
  • What do you think about daygame?
  • What do you think about guys learning daygame to sleep with many girls?
  • How many times have you been approached by a daygamer?
  • What do you think about my job?
  • Do you think daygame is easy or hard?
  • Copy/paste lines in daygame;
  • What annoyed you about other guys on dates?
  • Asking girl’s feedback about your game;
  • Escalation tips from a girl;
  • This means you can kiss the girl!
  • Would you like your daughter to date Robert?
  • Would you like you son to grow up like Robert?
  • Did you make Robert settle down?
  • (Robert) Looks vs everything else
  • Age gap

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What are you struggling most with right now?

Overcoming approach anxiety

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My daygame improves too slow

Many guys are watching daygame videos. Much less are taking action. But only a few ever get laid with hot girls constantly.

I’ve met many daygamers from all over the world. And I’ve noticed 3 things most good daygamers have in common. 3 phases of learning daygame they all go through.

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