She said sex with random strangers is bad and she doesn’t do it. It was around 1.5h hours before we had sex after knowing each other for 3 hours.

This date was the perfect example how a girl can keep saying she doesn’t like random sex but actually has come out to fuck.

On our way to the first venue I kicked off the conversation by talking about how people work boring jobs and live boring lives. To which she responded that she’s seen living a “good girl” life but wants to start making it more fun and becoming more open minded. 10 minutes after arriving at the first venue she starts talking about boobjobs and how she wants to have her tits done. Given that it was first venue I didn’t really stay on the topic for more than a minute. 5 minutes later, like a good girl she is, she brings it up again.

She was a nice “good girl” who’s recently divorced. Lives with her parents and has 2 kids from the marriage. Her husband was her first. And she has only slept with 2 guys since.

Towards the end of first drink we started playing questions game and headed to the second venue right next to my place.

Sofas, wine, dim lighting. She explained how both times she had sex after divorce it was crap. And she would not sleep with a random guy again. Just because the sex would be bad. She was very interested in the topic of sex. She hasn’t explored it and didn’t know much. In a “by the way” fashion I told how I’ve seen that every good girl has a wild side. And how good girls are up for crazy things like group sex and say “I never thought I could do anything like that in my life”.

As I come back from bathroom she’s on a phone with her ex. I told her to take the phone to her other ear and started to kiss her neck while she was talking to him. Even though she has been so negative about sex with strangers she complied with every step of escalation.

We kept drinking wine, having not-so-typical conversation and she explained how she regretted going to an AirBnB with a tourist. I totally ignored it, stood up and said “let’s go”. Few mins later she asked THAT question.

Her – “Where are we doing?”

Me – “Back to mine”

Her – “Omg, no”

Me – “Chill, it doesn’t mean we’ll have sex”.

Back at mine I poured us some wine, had 10 minutes of conversation and started my usual “We’ll have sex in 10 minutes” routing that I’ve developed. And just like that – 10 minutes later a girl who doesn’t like sex with strangers and would never do it again was riding me without a condom 3 hours after we’ve met.

I asked when she knew we’re gonna have sex. She didn’t know it until I took her panties off(btw – she had waaay to short skirt for her office job).

Takeaway – never listen to what a girl is telling you. Try escalating (verbally/physically) and look how she reacts. If she reacts positively – keep escalating. If not – take a step back.