This girl was special. I met her almost two years ago. A few months into my new, single lifestyle. She was the 124th girl I spoke to(yes – I have a long spreadsheet with every girl I’ve ever spoken to).

Let’s call this Chapter 1 about her..

I’m a guy who’s obsessed with sex. Not just any sex. Sex with random women. Being in a relationship just doesn’t do it for me. I feel like I hate sex after a while. I can literally go a month without sex when in a relationship. That’s why I choose a single guy’s life 2 years ago. And during there two years I’ve gotten really, really good at seducing random girls. I meet them anywhere – street, shopping malls, cafes, grocery stories.

I’m also a geek – I treat is as a craft. Something you can learn, get better and better at. How to start conversations, make her forget where she was going, trust me.. and want to jump my bones. And how to be a good fuck. It’s like poker or Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu. You master all the small details and stay 2 moves ahead of your partner.

Some times it’s a one time deal. I push all the right buttons until she can’t take it anymore and the evening ends in wild(or sometimes really shitty) sex. Often times – just a few hours I stopped her on a street on her way to buy pasta or whatever. And we never see each other again.

Other times – we develop strangely deep connection after knowing each other only for a little bit. It’s a several day long adventure with Russian tourist I might meet in the center of Belgrade. Or taking a young and innocent girl on a months long journey to explore her sexuality and submissiveness.

Some times it’s bad girls – sugar babies, porn actresses or just girls who like to be fucked hard. Other times – school teachers who have slept with 3 guys before me, virgins and girls who’ve never had slept with a random guy they just met.

December 2017

There was a fashion show in a shopping mall in the old town of Riga. It was organised by some college for artistic people. Fashion, event management, music, etc. Fashion students were showing off their work. Event management students were putting up the event.

I had spoken to 11 girls already that day and was on my way to sneak into the show itself to flirt with young models. As I entered the cloakroom I noticed a girl working there. All in black, ear plugs, tattoos and pink hair. A rebel. I had a little chat with her and other girls working there. She was very shy, I guess an introvert. She enjoyed the attention but didn’t really know how to react to it. As I gave her my coat I told “If you loose it, I’ll spank you”.

Well, I didn’t go to the fashion show. It was too packed. Around 30 mins later I came to get my coat, chatted to her a bit and asked her to come aside. As she left her friends behind, I told her “You look nice. And you seem fun. Another time we’ll go out for some wine” and took her number. I had been teasing her plenty before. I’m pretty sure she saw it coming.

We exchanged a few texts and agreed to go for wine on a late December evening.

I used to do all of my dates in this lovely family owned wine shop. It had only a few tables, looked like an odd place you might find yourself sitting and having a glass of Cabernet Sauvignon in France. Walls covered with simple paintings by local artists, paint coming off the ceiling, same crowd every day – established but down to earth people. But damn did they know to suggest really good wine every time. I was there at least two to three times a week – always with a different girl. I think for them it was interesting but sometimes they got kinda secretly pissed off about my lifestyle. I stopped going there after a few months.

It was a 15 minute walk from my place – very easy to get a girl home if we both are up for “one more drink” or “a movie”.

The weather was crap. Winters in Riga aren’t the best. It’s cold and wet. Not an autumn. And not a real winter either. I hated it just because girls always wore the strangest coats. I could never understand what’s hiding “under the hood”.

We had a bottle of Rosé waiting for us.. As she took off her military style coat I got a bit stunned. She had a pink top with a pretty deep décolleté, a black lacy bra that had two strips crossing in X shape over her impressive cleavage.

We sat on a dark red vintage sofa in the corner. I’ve never liked the beginning of dates. It’s all the boring topics – work, hobbies, traveling, bla bla bla. Thanks god it only takes girls around 20 – 40 minutes to feel comfortable with you and open up for more “real” conversation and connection.

She was shy. A bit geeky. Didn’t go out too much. And loved TV series. I never really go too deep when I meet a girl for the first time. Not this or any other time. As I later found out she was very nerdy(in a good way). She always wears really strange socks, can’t stand spending more than a few hours around larger groups of people, is a very sexual(although inexperienced) girl. But doesn’t show it to anyone.

Half of the Rosé was gone. Conversation had moved away from work, hobbies, travelling, us growing up in different times(she was 8 years younger). It wasn’t about what we were talking about. It was about that spark in eyes, light touches here and there and that feeling… We were in our little bubble.

The conversation “accidentally” moved towards movies, TV shows and stand-up comedies. Since she was a fan of binge watching TV series and loved stand-up, I suggested we finish the rest of wine while watching my favorite comedian – Russel Peters. You have to offer them a legit reason to go to your place. “One more drink” is just too obvious. In the seduction community it’s called “plausible deniability”. She can say to herself “We’re just gonna watch a movie”. It makes it easier for a girl to talk herself into coming over to my place.

I paid the bill, we took our coats and left. She was very calm. Sometimes a girl just comes out for a drink. Sometimes – to sleep with you. And you’re home free unless you somehow fuck it up. I always wonder – which case is this? Still to this day I don’t know whether she came out with an idea to sleep with me on the first date or not.

She had the most amazing body I’ve seen ’til that day. As soon as we started making out, all her shyness disappeared. She was just as eager to get all the clothes off and fuck as was I. In Latvian we have a saying – the calmest waters are the deepest ones.

With her it was very natural. No awkwardness or shyness that you occasionally get when sleeping with someone that fast.

I loved her natural beauty. I woke up next to her, went to make her a coffee and a breakfast.. And she still looked just as nice as last night.

I knew she was very introverted. But I had a feeling there is a lot more hiding behind it. And I was right. She’s the girl I’ve had some crazy adventures during two years we’ve kept seeing each other. We have a beautiful connection, we both love wild sex. And each time she opens up a tiny bit more. But I always know – there are so many things I still don’t know about her. Small quirks and wild desires she reveals over time. And that’s why this is just Chapter 1.

It’s the strangest thing. I could even say I’ve fallen in love with her after all this time. But at the same time I know we could never be together.