There is more to learning daygame than just infield coaching

Learning daygame consists of three phases:

  1. Overcoming fear and getting to 25 sets per week;
  2. Learning the technique to get your first 8 daygame lays;
  3. Staying committed to become so good you can get regulars in any city you go to.

When guys reach out to me, they always think infield daygame coaching is the best option. It is if you’re in phase 2. But there are simpler options if you’re just starting out. And especially if you want to stop learning daygame off and on for years and finally commit to become really good at it. So good you can meet girls and get regulars in different cities you travel to.

If you're just starting out

If your biggest struggle is overcoming approach anxiety, going out enough and talking to enough girls, this is your best option.

“The New Daygamer” is an 8 week long e-mail course which helps guys go from 0 to talking to 25 new girls per week.

I’ve seen guys who used to walk around for hours to gather courage to talk to a girl get to doing 25 sets in a week by the end of the course.

(Anyone who signs up for 3+ days of infield coaching gets this course for free)

If you want to learn daygame fast

Learning daygame on your own can take months or years.

If you prefer to learn daygame faster, get infield coaching.

We’ll spend 3-5 days in a city of your choosing. And I’ll show you everything you need to know:

  1. How to properly stop a girl and start a conversation
  2. How to spike emotions and make a girl interested
  3. How to flip the script and make a girl invest
  4. What to text to get less flakes and more dates
  5. My dating model to get laid faster

To be sure you’re ready for the infield coaching and will get out the most of it, I’ll give you the 8 week online course “The New Daygamer” for free to help you overcome AA and get to 25 sets/week before we start.

Get unstuck

If you feel like you’re stuck and want to figure out what exactly you should focus on to improve your daygame results – sign up for a coaching call.

Quit learning off/on and become committed to daygame

If you’ve been learning daygame off and on for a long time. And know the biggest thing keeping you from getting really good is finally just doing enough sets and being committed…

I have bad news for you. Thinking all you need is “to just do it” is like thinking all you need to get ripped is an inspiration to go to a gym. If you’ve been going to gym for years or have built a successful business you know what I’m talking about. Inspiration to just go out and do enough sets will get most guys to the first big obstacle:

  • that new work project they have to fully immerse in;
  • daygame burnouts after having a bad streak of hundred bad sets;
  • autumn/winter;
  • Covid-19;
  • etc.

I know many daygamers. Some of them learned daygame fast. Other are learning for years. The ones who became good fast, learnt how to overcome obstacles and stay committed.

If you want me to kick you ass, learn to overcome obstacles and stay committed while also analysing recorded sets to work on your daygame skills, sign-up for a daygame mentorship.

Daygame mentorship means we’ll do weekly calls over 3 months to make daygame a natural part of your lifestyle – daygame goals, overcoming obstacles, building the right habits for daygame, analysing your recorded sets, your texting, etc. Basically – it’s me being your close wingman for 3 months.

To sign-up simply fill the Skype coaching application form and mention you want the mentorship program. I’ll send you all the info.