It was the first day of coaching and daygaming in Krakow, Poland. The daygame gods blessed me with a lot of local alcohol and a 23 year old Polish music student.

Most girls here have a uniform – blue jeans, t-shirt and a black leather jacket. I was out daygaming between coaching sessions when I saw something different. Tall redhead with a nice hipster-ish bag, dressed more casual then everyone else. I opened and teased about her listening to Justin Bieber. She was a good-girl music student who doesn’t party much on her way to copy some music sheets. Lots of teasing and making her qualify led to a solid number close.

Texting was short. She responded fast with 4 messages. We set up a date for 20:15 to go for some beers.

I finished coaching after 19:00 and had to prepare logistics – get some alcohol for our AirBnB, find venues, etc. I found an epic dive bar. In a basement, full with strange locals drinking beer. And drunk bartenders. Perfect for second venue. The best part: 2 shots = 7 zloti(less than 2 eur).

We met up and went for the first venue. Old local craft beer place where I had been the night before and tried to close the waitress. As many of you know – I start spiking and doing light physical escalation very fast. 5 minutes into our conversation I was checking out her accessories. But I left the rest of escalation for the second venue. 1 beer, 40 minutes and a few spikes later we headed for the trashy dive bar “Awaria”.

The area with sofas was pretty cold so we moved to a place where we were sitting opposite each other. But the tiger eyes were on. Deep eye contact, questions game, palm reading. I went to the bathroom and when I came back my Polish princess was by the bar buying us shots. The rest of the date we sat by the bar drinking cheap(but good) shots, talking to everyone at the bar and pretty much having a party. I even signed a wall as St. Robert.

She doesn’t watch movies, stand-up comedy, TV series. Just reads book. But wanted me to tell what she should watch. I told my beautiful stories about Vicky, Christina, Barcelona and Russell Peter’s stand-up shows. A few shots later I said “I know what we’re gonna do. Let’s go”. And we headed out to my place.

I spend all the way telling a joke from a stand-up show, making sure I tell it so slow that it ends when we’re back at mine. As I opened the apartment building’s door she asked “Are you asking me up?” to which I replied “No, I’m talking you up”.

Back at mine it was easy.. Sit on the bed, go for the kiss 5 minutes later and her sucking my dick 2 more minutes later. I was surprised to see a nice Polish music student being able to deepthroat.

She said she’s never before asked anyone to hit her. To which I replied “I would have slapped your face even if you didn’t ask”. We agreed to either repeat it with more spanking and me cumming in her mouth or as a threesome if I find another girl.

I saw her again a few days later to teach her some proper brutal deepthroating and was amazed to find out I was the 6th guy she has ever slept with.

Latvian flag has been planted in the Polish soil.

I learned that Poland is very different from Latvia. I’m planning to write several stories about my and my student’s failed dates. One about pulling home a good Christian girl, another of fingering a girl in a bar and the third one about loosing the frame back at the AirBnB. They will all be published on my blog.

Now I understand why Tom told me that traveling is the real test to your game – are you able to adjust fast and learn what works in a different place? This trip took my daygame to the next level.