Me and Mr. V spent over a week in Krakow, Poland earlier November 2018. 3 days coaching him and the rest – just enjoying the city, Polish alcohol and shooting AK-47 and other guns at the local shooting range. Here’s what he has to say about Krakow and our time there:

I had a great first impression of Krakow and will visit it again. Krakow has an amazing old town and with three adjacent streets with some pedestrian flow. Mainly did the old town and the main shopping mall. You can easily open 20-30 girls in a two hour session.
The girls are quite pretty and feminine from my experience and although it was a rough start to get them to stop, after a proper stop they are quite friendly and will listen to what you have to say.

Some of them do not speak all good English but maybe they are shy to speak it, if you speak very slowly they will understand you, stay and listen to you.

The girls also have a brain there as it is a big student city, which results in interesting conversations.

I had quite some number closes and 2 I-dates, but had troubles getting them out later because of exams, etc. Perhaps if you stay longer, you can ease up the texting game and take some more time to get them on dates.

About the coaching: Roberts has really good game and has the ability to explain it in a structured manner. We started from the beginning, the open, and worked up the model. After every approach I got a detailed analyse of pros and cons, which resulted in better interactions. After each session I felt competent for the next interactions. My game has truly improved thanks to him.

The guy has a positive vibe throughout the trip and he is in general a very cool guy to hang and shoot guns with 🙂

Mr. V

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