As most of you know, I just came back from a week in Krakow where I was coaching an American dude from Washington DC. We had an amazing week with hot local girls and cheap Polish alcohol! Here’s Frank’s story:

Krakow Field Report: 5 Day October Resi w St. Robert

Hi, below is a rather lengthy post about my 5 day one-on-one resi w St. Robert in Krakow. I apologize for the long length, something I also do when disrobing.

About me: American from Washington, DC, 42 years old, white, bald, beer belly, 5’10”, beard, basically a completely average looking dude.

With Daygame I’d say I’m a beginner or possibly an intermediate beginner. I’ve never been dedicated which is the most important criteria for getting good. I’ve done a few hundred sets over the last few years, had a couple wild successes but typically given up and taken long breaks either due to getting a girlfriend or getting frustrated at not having more success. Hope to change that pattern now.

Over the 5 days with St Robert I did 264 sets and had 30 contact info closes. Each day Roberts and I did two 2.5 hour sessions, one in the morning, 10:30am to 1pm and then at 3:30pm to 6pm. They were physically and mentally tiring and Roberts normally does shorter 2 hour sessions, but I requested the extra time since from my own experience it takes longer sessions for me to get into a groove. I’m a slow learner.

Krakow is an excellent Daygame destination precisely because it provides loads of practice. It’s primarily a university town much like say Salamanca in Spain or Boulder, Colorado, where students come from a couple of hours away to study and live there during the school year. Oddly, the school year seems to start quite late, the first week in October, which, luckily for us, was the week we arrived. One issue we noticed though is that MANY students leave on the weekend to visit their families. Poland is a deeply Catholic country and family is far and away the most important aspect of society much like it is in say Spain, Italy or Argentina. I haven’t spent much time in Eastern or Central Europe having only visited Prague earlier this year but what I experienced in Krakow felt like a country with as much in common with Italy as say Czech Republic.

But regarding it being a university town — don’t go there in the summer or at any time when there was a notable break in the scholastic year (perhaps Holy Week or Christmas) because too much of the student population will be absent. Try other Polish cities at that those times. Krakow was packed with tourists but they were generally middle-aged (aka terribly ugly and unfuckable).

The old town of Krakow is shaped like an upside-down tear drop, is incredibly gorgeous much like the old town of Prague, and is ringed by a tranquil and verdant bike and walking path. It’s truly a romantic place where you feel happy to daygame — in the park that wraps the old town there are always young couples making out or lounging on benches or in the grass. People are very chilled out in this ringed path (it reminded me of Central Park in NYC) so it’s great for doing front stops. The old town has a lot of bars, although many are cheesy tourist spots or faux-English pubs to service the British stag-dos, but you can still find cool local spots and Roberts did a good job of quickly locating a couple of hip and seedy joints. Basically you want to get an AirBnB either in the Old Town or just off it, as we did, about two blocks away. Everything is walkable in this town and logistics are easy. Our location was particularly fortunate in that we were about 10 min walk from a major mall, Galeria Krakowska, and the adjoining train station, where thousands of high school (yes, motherfuckers, I said high school) and university and young professional women come everyday to shop, eat or catch a train. It has an incredible acquarium feeling, where every 2 seconds there’s a new cutie aged 18-24 walking past. It was far less crowded on the weekend but nonetheless it’s a gem of a location especially when you need to get in lots of sets as I did. I considered our Mall activity to be quite bold, as Roberts pushed me into sets inside of shops. Never once did any security or shop assistants say anything to me and only one girl commented that I had just opened another chick just before I opened her (“did you notice me like you noticed that other girl” she said with a laugh.)

That’s a nice transition onto the girls of Krakow: in my opinion they are incredibly friendly, almost to a fault in that generally will stop unless they are in a terrible hurry and even then they will usually entertain an open and stack, even when they have boyfriends and husbands. Better still is they are quick to laughter and quite feminine in nature. Before arriving I had read several reports where daygamers complained that Polish women had become too Westernized in recent years, obsessed with their phones, and lost their feminine side. Perhaps that’s true respective to how it was a few years ago but I found them to be warm, cute, and receptive, and, most importantly, that they enjoyed talking to men. It was never hard to make a girl laugh and they often lit up when I stopped them properly. In terms of looks the term seven heaven has been used to describe Poland and I found that apt. Enough talent looks-wise to get you excited and motivated to keep plowing through sets but few girls that are so hot you feel intimidated to approach or know that they have ten suitors as is said to often be the case with the 8s and 9s in places like Moscow or Kiev.

On to my daygame sessions and dates: I had a lot to work on this week. For me the biggest issue was not properly stacking and not homing in on a topic. I tend to jump around on topics and do boring questions which causes the girl not to invest. Roberts also had me do more high energy approaches, smile more, tease which worked nicely, and be more assertive and louder with my voice. He also had me incorporate stories into my sets. It was a lot to keep in mind. Roberts gave a good analogy: daygame is like poker in that the model or rules are easy to understand/learn but take a lot of practice to get good at so that it becomes instinctual.

The first three days were fatiguing and slow-going for me. Day one my sets were pathetically short like 2-3 min long but by day four I started to make progress and was having 10 min-plus sets, or as Roberts says, normal fun conversations ;).

I was getting loads of numbers my first couple days but they overwhelmingly flaked. But toward the middle of the week responses started coming back and pinging happened. My first date was on day three with a tall 29 year-old blonde, Suzana, who I stopped on the street in old town and who I teased for looking depressed dressed all in black and smoking a cigarette, telling her she belonged in Paris at a cafe, scribbling in a notebook about how life was harsh and tragic and a huge merde. She lit up and laughed and it turned out she had lived in Paris for 5 years and worked at the French Institute in Krakow. The digits came easily and we went out a couple hours later for vodka and beer (note: Polish chicks can drink! A bit of blessing and a curse — I found if I didn’t focus enough on getting the pussy back to the pad then my dates devolved into a blur of booze). We met up in the old town at 6:30pm at the first of what would be four venues (I know, I know, major rookie mistake). The first venue was friendly getting to know each other and teasing and she was receptive throughout. Then at the second venue she dropped a bombshell: she used to be a hardcore swinger and was, it turned out, a pornstar level freak. This is probably the aspect of Polish society that needs to be mined: Suzana grew up in a repressive Catholic home, was expected to remain celibate or only have one boyfriend and then get married early. When she started university she got sick of the guilt and repression and became a bonafide slut. She told me about once having sex w two construction workers but most interestingly about becoming a genuine card-carrying swinger, going to mega orgies with her exes around Europe. Suzana is sexy as a 29 year old but I can’t imagine what she looked like at 18 or 20 first getting her freak on. Anyway, I shared about my one swinger experience (a club in Miami 20 years ago where I boned a dude’s wife in front of him) and other risky shit I had done like bang a high school chick in her school parking lot. We didn’t stop talking about sex for the rest of the night but as Roberts later explained this was fools gold or beta bait. Almost as soon as Suzana told me about her freakiness she also dropped a boring bombshell about how she was now in a committed monogamous long-distance relationship with a dude in Montreal and how she was moving there for him in two weeks. She said she would likely get into an open relationship with him but for now they were being monogamous.

Basically I fell into an old habit of being both needy/touch-feely and alpha by demanding over and over again that we fuck and she would respond that she really wanted to and that if it was even a couple of months earlier she would let me fuck her in the toilet or at my pad but now she simply couldn’t. This tug of war spread out over 4 venues and a few hours during which time we drank a lot and for all of the last venue I had one hand constantly rubbing her tits on the outside of her shirt and then slipping my hand underneath and inside her bra to pinch and play with one of her nipples. I would stick a thumb in her mouth, rub my hand between her legs and even unzipped her pants and touched her pussy. If anyone had been paying attention this would have looked both juvenile and sexy at the same time, which it was. It felt like I was back in high school trying to get a girl to fuck by any means necessary. That date ended in a drunken blur/grope where I sent her off in a taxi. She offered me consolation prizes like saying she’d go with me to a strip club or winging me so I could fuck a young polish girl. I dismissed all that used car salesman talk and said goodbye. Nonetheless it was a helluva first date for Krakow and it was good to go home with the scent of pussy on my fingers instead of just beer.

Day four: two dates, where I followed the model much more closely. First was a seventeen year old, Julia, a deeply catholic cute nerd I spotted on a bench in the ringed park around the old town. I teased her about her fashion, blending old school (a coat my grandma would’ve worn became the go-to tease anytime a chick had something retro on) with new. She literally stood up from the bench when I opened her as if I was her school master about to give her a demerit for not being in class. It was so cute. We had a real good convo and after ten min Roberts came up from behind and motioned for the i-date so we went for coffee. This girl was a true goody two-shoes, had never drank in her life and on a Friday night she was going to a religious meet-up to sing praise of God. At first this was a bit of a downer but Roberts said I should keep it going and this chick and I were really vibing really well so we had about a half hour i-date at Costa Coffee. On a side note, all of my dates were really fun and laid back, and having a great date feels like a decent reward for all the hard work of day game. The religious girl had to go to her Jesus group so we bid adieu.

I had my third and final date that night with a 23 year old college girl, Jagoda, that I stopped on the street a day or two earlier when my stops were still a little rough. Nonetheless she came out and gave me a few tells as to a possible reason why (other than my handsome mug): black sheep of the family, rebels against parents, adrenaline junkie, pierced tongue. Two thumbs up. Had a very standard yet fun date with increasing escalation. First a pub where we sat across from each other, lots of teasing and flirting, then onto a seedy underground cave-like rock bar where because it was so crowded we had to sit across from each other again but here the alcohol flowed freely and there was lots of kino. Quick note re buying drinks: all three of my dates either offered to buy or bought rounds of drinks. I didn’t experience any princess bs, although none of my chicks were knock-outs but all were cool about alternating picking up the tab and this 23 year-old even rushed to buy the first round. In the 2nd venue I start the questions game during which I ask her to tell me three things she likes about me to which she states that she liked that I stopped her on the street cause men don’t do that today, that I’m easy to talk to and my beard. Word.

I seed going to my place and she seems into it but wants to have another round or two and is playing a little hesitant. We drink more and finally amble back to the flat which was very close to 2nd location. She pretends to be surprised to be at mine but in a playful way more than anything. Up the room (fucking 3 flights of stairs) we’re on the bed, watching netflix and chilling as the kids say or drinking and cuddling as I say. I’m a little too tipsy to be honest and that is going to have to be something I have to watch out for on my dates. At the 2nd venue it was vodka shot and beer, vodka and beer and then back at the flat more beer so by the time the good stuff is happening I’m about 7 or 8 drinks in and not being the smoothest of sex tourists. A lot of teasing on her part — we’d make out heavy but then I’d touch her tits and she’d hit  my tit grabbing hand with the TV remote, then back to chilling and then back to kissing and wrestling and so on. At one point she goes to the bathroom and I (rookie mistake alert) take off my pants stripping down to my underwear and t-shirt. She comes back and freaks out. I tell her to chill and go myself to the bathroom, when I come back she’s got her coat on and is ready to leave. I try to negotiate her to stay to no avail, she leaves and that’s how I fucked up what was probably a sure lay.

And that’s it — Krakow rocks. Go during the school year in Fall or Spring. And hire Roberts to drill some good fundamentals into your head.