The world went on a lockdown, people went into a voluntarily or mandatory self-isolation. People divided in two camps:

  • I’ll be productive, learn new stuff, do home workouts, start a new business
  • I’ll drink wine, smoke weed, eat pizza and watch Netflix all day

I’m in both camps.

I want to give you 5 ways you can use this time to improve your daygame skills

I’ve had some of the most degenerate time of my life – smoking, wine, shit food, fucking questionable girls and re-watching a Netflix series for the first time in my life

At the same time I’ve had time to finally finish and launch a new online course platform to help guys learn daygame, meditate almost every morning, do some form of exercise almost every day, spend quality time with friends outside by the nature, do several 24-hour fasts and actually eat very healthy for the most part(except when I have had the sickest cravings and went full-retard on junk food)

Why am I writing this?

Because I know this is a tough time for daygamers.

You can’t do the one thing you were passionate about. You can’t keep improving. And it feels like you’ve regressed in your game.

But that’s normal. When we face times like these, we feel like shit, do unhealthy things and fall into old habits.

But what if I told you – this time can be used to became even better at daygame?

I have friends who use this time to get back into daygame and start doing approaches. They try to find cute girls to go out with, they go on dates and they get laid.

Heck, I’ve a guy I’m coaching over Skype, who has 2-3 dates a week from daygame/events/social circle. And he has never had that many dates on a regular basis.

So, while it’s normal to eat pizza, watch Netflix and do other not-so-productive things, you can also use this time to improve your daygame.

Here are a few things you can do

Improve your Instagram and use it to get dates with old leads

Listen to this podcast and pimp up your Instagram. You can use it to work your old daygame leads and get new ones.

Use this time as an excuse to do some online dating(because there is no excuse to do it under any other circumstances)

If there is no way you can go out to daygame in your city, in this podcast episode I explain how I got several lays from Tinder last month when I was stuck inside without daygame.

Spend some time on platform

I’ve finally had time to finish the video courses on texting and dating I was preparing for so the side it finally live! And they’re free for the first 1000 members.

Be the real OG and open some girls in these tough conditions

Me and a friend of mine are doing it in Riga. I’ve done some sets. But my wing called and told me he did 10 sets yesterday. So yes – you can daygame.

A few of our guys in New York City are doing it

A recent student of mine is doing it in Prague

Yes it’s scary. And that’s why you should do it. You can find ways to open even in these circumstances. Bonus points if you open a chick in a hazmat suit.

Do indirect opens wherever you go

If coffee shops are open in your city, open someone when you’re sitting there to have a cup of coffee

Just talk to people. Of course, know your local laws during this situation and don’t get a huge fine. Don’t be stupid

But use the opportunities you have to open chicks

Most of us are going through a tough time. Some of us are still finding ways to work on our dating and meet new girls.

So what are you going to do?