There she was. White pants, a cute see-through top, red lipstick, coffee cup and a relaxed smile on her face. I had to say “Hi!”
I don’t rationalise when it comes to choosing a girl to start a conversation with. If I feel something click inside me, I just go in. I liked how relaxed and happy she was. Plus I had a hunch the breasts hiding under that blouse were large and perky.

A week ago I wrote down what kind of a girl I want to meet:

  • Short
  • Fit
  • Dresses classy
  • Cute by day with a potential to be wild at night
  • B+ firm tits
  • Gives good blowjobs

We instantly hit it off talking about art, traveling and the crazy city she grew up in. We chatted for a bit, I took her number and headed to my dentist appointment.

She responded very well. And since I had to go to Budapest in a few days to coach a student I wanted to go out with her as soon as possible.

We agreed to meet a few hours later.

She turned out to be very feminine. And with that I mean – 20 minutes late.

We chatted about work a little on the way to the bar. I got the beers, she got a table for us outside and we jumped straight into more serious topics – drugs. I often like to start a date with a crazy topic and then move to the typical ones – a bit of work, school, hobbies, travel, childhood cities.

It was going great. Although she looked like a very serious girl, pants you could wear to an office job, serious blouse and a sparkly headband, she had her wild side. She had 7 tattoos, some smaller, some larger. She had tried MDMA once(not intentionally, some idiot had dosed her drink with a pill). She reacted well to all socially acceptable physical escalation – checking out her tattoos, me slapping her wrist, etc.

She was a slow drinker. Probably didn’t like the beer I chose. I just chugged it and said “Let’s go to another bar”. I got us two Belgian cherry beers. 8% alcohol. Some heavy shit. We sat down in a nice secluded booth in a backroom of a dark bar. The perfect second venue.

We hit it off well. We were talking about many things. She reacted well to me touching her. She even playfully slapped my leg twice when I said something over the line.

Whenever I feel we’re having such a good time with a girl, I want to take her over to my place. Mostly – to escalate for sex. But I recently have a new rule – I take girls over to my place only if I think they’re cool enough even if we end up not fucking.

You can’t just invite a girl over. You need a reason. Plausible deniability. Something she could rationalise and say “We were about to watch a movie. It doesn’t mean we’ll have sex”. We spoke about movie. I told her about my favourite ones but there was no movie description she responded to with “I wanna see it one day”. So I just offered to go to my place to smoke, have a drink and chill out. Which is exactly what we did.

We were at my place around 2.5-3 hours after meeting. Fast enough for her to know I don’t like going on 3 dates. But enough to be sure she feels safe and comfortable.

We had some drinks, listened to some music, talked. But we didn’t get much further than kissing. She liked it. But I had a feeling she’s a girl with rules and principles.

She put on my hoodie and we went to smoke outside. We were in a dark alley where no one could see us. I took off the hoodie, reached under her shirt to undo and take off her bra. I heard a very feminine “omg, what are you doing”. But she had a playful smile and I knew she was fine with me taking it off.

A few more drink. A lot more music. I lot more conversation. A lot more kissing. But nothing more. It was 3am and I was getting sleepy. I decided to go to bed.

We enjoyed each others touches and kisses a lot. And I had a feeling, if she was turned on enough, we would have great sex. I leaned in and whispered in her ear “I wanna feel the taste of your pussy so badly”. She loved it, I could feel her pressing again me.

But a bit later she said she was on her period. Usually it’s not my thing, but this time I didn’t care. I wanted her. We kept making out. Me playing with her tits, her playing with my dick. I started fingering her and soon afterwards she turned her butt towards me and pressed against my dick.

It was a quick but passionate fuck. I loved it. And the next day she sent me a text saying that regardless of her breaking several of her rules(sex on the first date, sex during period) she loved our night together.

  • Short – check
  • Fit – check
  • Dresses classy – check
  • Cute by day with a potential to be wild at night – check
  • B+ firm tits – check
  • Gives good blowjobs – no idea yet. I sure hope so. That’s one of the most important things to me

I’m writing this during my flight to Frankfurt, Germany after spending 2 hours with her chatting, kissing and planning our meeting when I come back to Riga a week later.