Months ago a daygamer from Warsaw reached out to me. His goal was “to approach and do it well in order to have options, no scarcity, and eventually a harem-like lifestyle”. He could already approach. But he wasn’t getting any results. I gave him a two month plan on what to do. He started getting dates after a while. And recently he finally posted a story in out group Telegram group chat “Daygame Church”.

This girl flaked a few times earlier but then decided she wants to get laid. Beginners might say “She was a ‘Yes girl’. It’s not game to seduce them.” But I’ve noticed – the better the daygamer, the more “Yes girls” he meets.

So I approached her 1 month ago in the center of Warsaw, dated her the next day at 9:30pm, the date lasted maybe 2h30.

When I asked why she’s single she said she doesn’t need someone, good sign.

I accompanied her to the subway and suggested we watch some Netflix at hers, she said it was a bit fast.

Then I went to France for 2 weeks and forgot about DG. Coming back last week I texted a few leads and she was the most motivated clearly. We made plans for Saturday but she canceled.

So before yesterday she asks me “how do you feel about slow long walks?”

So I figure:

  1. she shouldn’t lead
  2. sounds like more a romantic boring date than anything else.

Whatever, I’m here to learn, I text “if you bring champagne I’m all for it”.

So we meet at the subway, I’m 5 minutes late and she’s 20 minutes late so I pretended that I got off the bus and had to walk the rest and arrived simultaneously as her.

Now it’s 9:50pm. She shows me the direction of the forest and warns me that it’s gonna be dark, and that she should have figured it out before but didn’t, etc… I joke that she’s gonna kill me and bury me there, then approaching the woods “so it’s that moment where you give the signal to your accomplice right?”.

We cross a first range of trees using phone lights, there’s a sort of field then another range of trees. We sit down close to those, put some music, chit chat for 5 minutes and I ask  if all her dates end up in the forest or I’m lucky, she says “you know when you want something to happen you gotta make it happen”.

Bang. Kiss, foreplay, 1 second of LMR, etc… We stayed maybe 2h30 then took the night bus together. This wasn’t the most technical lay ever, but great experience for a 1st DG lay

He figured out and fixed his mistakes, learnt to be dedicated and go out a lot and got the results – a crazy story about a girl he banged in a forest!