Day 3 in Prague.

Remember the Russian who had lived in Prague for 5 years I told about in the previous blog post? On the 3rd day right after finishing coaching my student, I go on a date with her.

Over text she seemed a bit princessy. “Where will we go?”, “Try to impress me!”, “I hope we will speak Russian”. All the typical things cute Russian girls normally say. I love it. It means – once you get through that they’ll be very submissive and will try to please you however you wish as you will read later in this story.

On the first venue she can’t decide whether she wants to use any alcohol. After she decides to do so, I find out she loves her Aperol Spritz. 2 venues and around 4 drinks later we end up in my place. This time I decide to pull her to watch Vicky Christina Barcelona. Classic.

On the date she is very ON, she seems completely fine with light physical escalation. I know I can go for a kiss. But I don’t. Just to build up the tension. I go for the kiss in the store when we are getting a bottle of wine on the way to my place. But she rejects it. Maybe going for it in a public place like a grocery store isn’t a good idea. We are taking the elevator up to my Airbnb and she comes in for a kiss herself. That was unexpected. But definitely a good sign.

She is very playful. She loves teasing. She uses it to her advantage. She teases but doesn’t let me escalate. And I immediately shut down. I am not rewarding any teasing. And I become completely neutral towards her whenever she doesn’t comply with my escalation. But when she does comply and does what I tell her to – she deserves all my attention. Lots of it. I can see her starting to behave good immediately. Bad behavior – bad attitude from me. Good behavior – St. Robert gives her a cookie.

She loves being dominated. When regular escalation isn’t going as smooth I start commanding her.

“Stand up”
“Turn with your back towards me”
“Sit down in front of me”
“Take off your top”
“Take off your bra”.

She does everything but doesn’t comply with the bra part. And immediately gets ignored. I try it again in a few mins and she compliantly takes it off.

I take her by the hand. Walk to the bedroom.

“Get on your knees”
I take my dick out right in front of her face and say
“Only hands. You’re not allowed to suck it”
And she complies. Starting this moment she was a very good girl

A few minutes later I tell
“Hands behind your back. Now only your lips are allowed”
She loves it.

But when we get to me taking her pants off, turns out she is on her period.

Well… Fuck.. If there won’t be a lay, I’m going to sleep. And so we go to bed.

But she keeps talking dirty and asks whether daddy would spank her. And how she wants me to fuck her. After she says it for the second time I decide.. Fuck it – I hate period sex, but I’ll just take a tower and bang her. She’s too crazy not to do it!

Thank god it was the last day of her period so we managed to avoid the dirty part. Not my thing at all..

Finally I had found a girl who is submissive but doesn’t like to be slapped during sex. Sad.. But something new.

And again – I go to sleep knowing I’ve had an amazing 3rd day in Prague.

3 days. 3 girls. 3 pulls home. 2 lays.

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