Day 2 in Prague

First day of coaching. While doing a demo set to show student how daygame looks in real life I open a cute Russian girl who’s been living in Prague for 5 years. She barely speaks any English, is fairly shy but opens up a few minutes into the set. I end up getting her number and as I leave I tell her I actually speak Russian. That sparks crazy emotions and she playfully slaps me for not telling it earlier.

Student is doing good and getting some numbers. We had done two 2 hour sessions. Student had done at least 20 sets. I had done 7 demo sets. I am gonna go do 3 more sets and offer him to listen to them if he wants to.

And a few minutes later I open an 18yo tourist from Russia who is on her first solo trip. If you are new to daygame – there is nothing easier to sleep with than a young solo traveller. 3 minutes into the set SHE pulls me for an instant date.

We go for a short walk to check out one of the main sightseeing spots to build a bit more comfort before I bounce her for a beer in a bar next to my Airbnb.

Turns out she’s done quite a bit of traveling and comes for a wealthy Russian family. She is at a point in her life where she can’t figure out what she wants in life. She wants to come to study in Prague but visa situation had recently changed and it’s much harder to do it.

I can feel she is shy, a bit reserved… Maybe just inexperienced. But she likes what is going on and and is following very well wherever I lead.

A few drink slater we get a bottle of Czech version of Jager and go to my place to educate her about the best stand-up comedy shows. Let’s just say – as soon as we start kissing, she goes crazy.

Several hours after my student saw me open her he received a text “Just finished banging the chick you saw me go on an i-date with”

Again, I go to sleep knowing I’ve had another amazing day in Prague.

I knew she was in Prague to see some Czech guy who met her when she arrived and they spent some time together. I guess it was something romantic. Because a few days later I got a voice message in Instagram. It was from her account. But it was a guy telling something in angry Czech language. No idea what. Didn’t care what. But I knew I would under no circumstances ever see her again to avoid a setup.

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