I was in the gray and cold Latvia. It was the daygame off season. I had just returned from a month long trip to Romania with Frank and Mr. V. And when it’s cold – I’m not a big fan of daygame. I hadn’t done many sets neither in Bucharest nor Riga. I was ready to go to a warm place, Morocco, and travel around for a month or so. Until it gets warmer, dresses became shorter and daygame coaching season is back on.

But then I got an “Let’s do this ASAP” coaching request for a week in Prague, my favorite city for daygame coaching. And that was it.. My off-season was over. I was eager to go slay some Russian tourist pussy in Czech Republics.

Over the next days I will publish several stories about our adventures in Prague

Arrival day:
I have a tradition. I try to do the first open as soon as I arrive. Preferably on my way to an Airbnb. Right after checking-in and dropping my bag off I headed out. Did one approach, nothing special. Tradition was fulfilled – I can go, rest and get ready for some real daygame tomorrow.

Day 1:
I went out for a quick coffee with a student who had just arrived from NYC. And went to do my sets. It started with a few blowouts. But I ended the session with 10 sets in 2 hours and 4 contact closes.

After a bit of resting I kept negging myself that I can’t spend an evening inside in this amazing city. I went out for a walk with an idea that I’ll maybe do a set if I see someone really hot. And I did.

I saw a very beautiful girl walking down the main street in a crazy fast pace with a cigarette in her mouth. I opened by saying she was cute, but so angry.. “You have what in English they call “resting bitch face””. She loved it and it was ON. She was standing so close to me it felt too much. Maybe 50 centimeters at most. Bamby eyes, conversation about traveling and drugs. Just perfect. A few minutes later we were on our way to get a drink at a bar 2 mins from my place.

She seemed very open verbally. I had to make sure we don’t escalate non-verbally too far. As always, the more you escalate verbally, the smaller the change of a lay happening. I made sure to not pull too much. And to push by teasing, challenging, making her qualify and moments of silence she had to fill.

But she wouldn’t go for anything physical. She liked the attention but it was all too much for her. Strange given the crazy stories she told me about her modelling in China and the sex adventures she has been on.

I tried to pull but understood she needed more comfort. But after one more drink we were on the way to my place.

Again – everything was perfect until I started escalating physically. We went out on my balcony so she could have a smoke. It was a nice way to chill. You always have to remember to fractionate – on/off/on/off. We went back inside, resumed watching whatever we were watching. But nothing physical I tried seemed to work and around 30 minutes later she left. Nothing more than a kiss.

I went to bed being pretty happy about my first day in Prague.

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