I’m working with a 63yo guy from the USA over Skype. During one of our calls he told me a story about this first daygame lay. Getting laid from daygame at 63 is possible!

I recently had my first daygame success, which turned into a mini-relationship. I am 63 years old and live about an hour from Miami. I’m slim and in good shape for my age. I’ve been learning about daygame for about a year, but didn’t get going until a few months ago. I’ve had some online coaching from Robert. I don’t keep close numbers but I’m sure it was within my 70th approach.

Because there aren’t many good walking streets near where I live, most of my daygaming is in shops, malls, supermarkets as well as a local boardwalk. Plus, most of the women I’m aiming at are in their 40’s and more likely to be married. So numbers wise this can be challenging.

I noticed her in a supermarket, 50ish, tall and slim, exactly my height, 5’8”. Opened indirect: “Can I help you reach that?” She sure as hell didn’t, but I knew what I was reaching for. Recognized a heavy Boston accent so stacked on location. “Maybe girl”, so I needed to work a few stacks. Nice banter, laughter, 15-minute conversation.

Number close but “you can find me on the boardwalk where I ride my bicycle” rather than agreeing to coffee date. This was not inconvenient for me, so after a few texts I took what I could get. Hung out on the boardwalk only for 20 minutes before we both had to leave. Minimal investment but positive vibe with intention for a 2nd date.

Unfortunately, that date took 2 months to occur! She was in the process of relocating here and had to go back home to finish business. During those two months, minimal texting – there was no point – anything more would have shown over eagerness.

Upon her return I went for it. Invited her to dinner at my house rather than meeting at an outside venue. I figured the fact that we hung in there for 2 months meant this had some potential. (Plus, my time is not very flexible as I still have children at home). When she responded “I’ll bring the salad” I knew I was on the right track. Escalated after dinner and she responded positively. I don’t like to go all the way the first time. But the following week I invited her over for dinner again and satisfaction was achieved. We continued to see each other for another month or two before it ran out of steam.

Lessons: you’re never too old for daygame and persistence pays off. You shouldn’t over-invest, or attempt to dazzle them, just keep the good vibe going. And for those over 40 who think you may be too old for daygame, take heart. Yes, your possibilities are more limited, so you need to be better at reading women’s signals. But this improves with age, so here you actually have an advantage. Keep your eyes and ears open, keep on with the cold approach, and you will be rewarded.