I’ve heard some disastrous compliments when coaching guys. And no wonder girls react badly. Some compliments simply no not work.

A good compliments is a great opener. It will make a girl smile and will open a nice conversation.

I’ll tell you what compliments to always avoid and what are the best ones.

Worst compliments to give a girl

First let’s go over the worst compliments you can say. And yes – people use them.


Your conversations with girls will be sexual once you get to upper intermediate and advanced level. But everything sexual will be non-verbal and in subcommunication.

Everything from “Daaamn girl! That’s some fine ass” to¬†“You’re sexy” to “I like your legs” is too sexual for an opener.


Complimenting girl’s purse makes you sound like you want to buy a bag just like that. Or it could signal that you could be a gay best friend material.


Compliments that sound like she’s the hottest girl you’ve seen in 10 years are too much. “You are simply gorgeous!” is a good example.

Good compliments

Good compliments are something you could say to your friend. “I like the way you look”, “You’re cute”, “You look nice” are very simple, non-needy, low investment compliments. But make sure you follow up with a good stack!

Great compliments

There are good compliments. And then there are compliments that start as a compliment, have a tiny bit of a neg built-in and turn into a great stack. Those are the ones that spark emotion and make a girl tell you what she’s doing, where she’s going, where she’s coming from, etc. All great topics to talk about to built attraction and make her interested in you.

If you understand the opening part of a set good, you’ll notice that these compliments are¬†actually compliment+stack.

If she’s all black – “I like the way you look! You’re so black. You look like a crazy spy on a mission to kill someone right now”

If she’s artsy – “I like the way you look! Very colourful, yet geeky. You look like a crazy artist who spends her evenings drinking wine and painting modern paintings”

What’s your most effective compliment?

When you start learning daygame you’ll use the same lines over and over. Once you get to an intermediate level you’ll have a few good openers/stacks that work most of the time.

As one daygamer I know told me(after I had been telling him to become more creative for a long time) “It’s cool to do 1000 sets. But it’s really boring to do the same set 1000 times”.

There will come a time when you’ll be bored of using the same openers, compliments and stacks. You’ll drop the lines and start coming up with stuff on the spot. Some people get there after doing 700 sets, some after 1000+, and others – never. It all depends on how much you’re working on your game and what results you’re getting.

I hope these compliment guidelines will give you a good start and help you do better sets!