A daygame trip report by Frank.

Warning: I didn’t get laid! So there are no golden nuggets to unlock Serbian pussy here. Just general observations from a 40-something American beginning day gamer with only 3 new notches for the year, so take what you read here with a heavy dose of salt.

Belgrade is hard for game but it’s spectacular. So go. It will make your game better and you will have fun and certainly get lots of sets and a few dates.

Go with wings. Any daygame trip is tough solo: new environment, weasels (will I get beat up, arrested — no and no), so of course it’s so much easier to go out each day if you have wings or if at least you can meet up with wings after doing sets for a beer.

On that note (beer): Belgrade is so much fun. It’s dirt cheap and people love to party. If the weather is even half-decent the streets are overflowing with locals out for a coffee, beer, and many cigarettes, all day long. There are endless cafes, restaurants, bars all over the city. The real question I kept asking myself was — does anyone work? The cafes are packed from sun up to sun set. On my last day I was with a chick I had been out with the previous day having breakfast at 9am. She suggested beers, and I looked around thinking we’d be viewed as alcoholic tourists but I see at the table next to me local businessmen doing the same — beers for breakfast.

That’s actually my biggest take-away on the culture: Serbia reminded me of a Mediterranean country, not because of it’s geography but because of it’s character: think Italy from Rome southward, Spain from Madrid going south, Lisbon southward, Israel, Turkey, Greece, Lebanon, and Latin American countries with heavy euro influence like Argentina/Uruguay. People are extremely social and live to hang-out. In America we go to a cafe like a Starbucks literally for a coffee, and we almost always get it to go. Serbians hang out for hours, and everyone seems to know each other.

So along those lines: social circle is king here. My perception is that girls meet guys through social network, school. Religion is big, not that people go to church or don’t act like freaks in the sheets, but it has a strong undercurrent in society, I saw several priests at the aforementioned cafes, so girls are more cautious about being viewed as sluts by giving out a number to a random dude on the street than they would in say New York or London. Family is extremely important. I think every chick I met mentioned their family in some context, and you see several generations hanging out at cafes together. Belgrade is the only major city in the country so lots of people come from tiny towns to live here and still have the small town mentality.

And yet…I found Serbians to be immensely warm and hospitable, even most of the chicks. Several girls after a quick street stop would excuse themselves because of class or a boyfriend but would tell me to have fun while in the country. There was none of the outright bitchiness or coldness that you hear about from people visiting Russia for instance. In many ways they seemed even friendlier than in Spain or Italy. Spanish and Italian dudes are quite aggressive hitting on chicks. Serbian dudes are chill. Maybe because…every other chick is a damn near model (seriously) so the dudes have a sense of abundance perhaps.

So let’s talk about sets: it’s hard. Everyday on the Knez Mihailova (primary daygame pedestrian street) I would do in the range of 15-20 sets. I would usually do my big push around lunch, around 10-15 sets, and then another 5 or so in the evening. If this seems like a lot, it’s not and that’s because half the girls would whizz past not even allowing me to get my BS “hey excuse me…” opener out.

Personally after a week there I think a chill slightly under the radar approach works best, almost indirect but not quite. I saw my buddy Vila have some very nice sets late one week night around 10 pm at night on the Knez, when the street was half dead. He would stop girls more casually without the big run around and tease the shit out of them, almost as if he was slightly bothered by having to stop them, all with a nice grin.

The hardest part is getting the girls to stop. That’s why I liked going up to girls that were seated, or standing waiting for someone or sales girls who were a captive audience. And of course going after tourists. But I think for the reasons above it’s a great place for sly indoor game — not the typical mall sets but more like chatting up chicks in cafes.

One more cultural observation: Serbs have a great dark sense of humor, actually a lot like the English. Example: after leaving my AirBnB my hostess texted to say I left my Partizan (soccer team) hat in the flat. I said I didn’t want to take it with me, to which she responded that it was a relief, she hates Partizan since she supports Red Star (rivals), so I said please burn it or feed it to a hungry street dog…and so on, it was easy to have dark sarcastic banter like this with the men and women alike. And people are genuinely friendly — my last night I was alone at a neighborhood bar across from my flat (cause I’m an alcoholic!) and the table next to me invited me to join them, the waiter gave me free rakija (the throat-burning local hooch) shots, and those were just a couple of many acts of warmth that I received from locals.

I had 5 iDates (I recommend iDates!, I recommend them everywhere but especially Belgrade) over the course of my week: first, an hour or so after landing with a big tittied 18 years old psycho serbo-albanian chick with almost no english that I tried to pull to my flat after one coffee to which she said I’d have to pay 100 euro to fuck her (!!), next with a super cute 20 year old Serbian college student over coffee that went really well but which I fucked up over texting when I tried to pull to my place later that night, then a two set with a fellow day gamer when we had a drink with two chinese tourists (one was being a bitchy princess so we cut them loose), then with a very cute 19 year old swiss chick born to Serbian parents who was back visiting family (tried to bounce after a two hour two venue instant date but she didn’t go for it), then finally with a sexy Indian tourist, who had a boyfriend that would join her a couple days later — we had an idate that basically ran over two and a half days though she never spent the night but we did tourist stuff together and a lot of heavy make outs and groping. I got her to my place 2nd day and half naked and even my cock in her mouth and then on our last morning together things peaked with me fingering her in Kalemagdan park as families passed close by…while she made her boyfriend who had just landed wait for her back in town ????

Throughout the week I got a small handful of numbers from Serbian girls and had a couple (literally like 2-3) promising leads but couldn’t convert into dates. There were 5 total day gamers from the Day Game Church chat in town the week that I was there including myself and everyone of us had dates with local chicks — so it’s possible!

Even though I didn’t get laid on this trip or have more dates with Serbian chicks it was my favorite daygame trip to date by far (I’ve done Prague, Krakow and Riga). Belgrade is a really fun, cool place, great people, food, culture, super cheap and lots of fun shit to do when you’re not getting rejected on Knez.
Ideally go for longer than I did, say 2-3 weeks, and have a couple buddies there and research shit to do (we went on a river bike ride, visited another city, visited churches, fortresses, museums) so you don’t burn out from game and rejections. It should go without saying that to do daygame trips you should have an genuine interest in travel and life (!), and not just be a daygame robot.

Places I’m now curious about for game after this excellent Belgrade experience: Sarajevo, Tirana, Pristina, Zagreb, Bucharest, Athens, and Skopje.

All right boys, stay horny and gaming.

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