In my daygame travels I’ve visited Mr. Belgium in Antwerp, Belgium. I learned that Antwerp is a hard city for daygame, meeting girls on streets. Feminism, very average girls and flakey numbers.

I also know a few other daygamers there. And most lays they get there are with foreigners.

But Mr. Belgium recently sent me a lay report. And it’s a very special lay report – it’s with a local Belgian girl almost half his age! Enjoy!

It’s a busy Saturday in the city. I’m really tired, business going hard which means working on a Saturday. So it’s already late in the afternoon. I’m doing solo game (as usual) but run into other daygamers, the type who talk more about game than actually approach. We walk for a while and I spot a real cute girl. She’s short, blond, with a lot of charm. I spot she is actually a charity worker, cold approaching people trying to sell contracts.

I’m trying to evade any long distance eye contact and make sure I can get to her first before she sees me. I open her, can’t remember exactly what I said, but I make it clear immediately I’m not interested in what she sells but I’m there because I think she is really cute and then drop in my usual stack about how she looks so happy while everybody else is walking around so serious blabla. The open works like a charm. She’s positively surprised and answers “this has never happened before”. She hooks pretty fast and we keep convo for at least 10 min. I try to screen for logistics, but she’s driving and has to drive the team back home (outside my city). So I number close.

Later on I have to sneakily dodge her while she’s still working and I’m still roaming the streets for more sets. I text later on, standard Tom Torero pinging and I date request the day after (Sunday). She agrees to come to Antwerp on Monday. All goes really smooth.

We meet on a square and go for venue 1. During the approach, she asked me how old I was, so my standard answer is = “72, but i have great genes and do lots of yoga”. During the date she starts testing me on the age difference and somehow, for whatever reason, she assumed I was jokingly switching numbers when telling her my age in the set, so she presumes i’m 27… I tell her “listen, I want to be straight up with you, I’m 34…”. At that moment I haven’t asked for her age yet so I have no clue she’s only 19 (lol). She makes a face like “WTF” and is seriously shocked for a couple of minutes. I just laugh it away and back off a little bit. Giving her room to process.

About 15 minutes later (25 minutes in the date) she’s already covertly sexualising about “you learn to ride on an old bike blablabla”. I feel REALLY attracted to her, the eye contact, the vibe, connection, it’s all just amazing and so I decide I go for the kiss LOL. Huge fail.

She’s shocked again and doesn’t take it well. She literally says “what kind of person goes for a kiss after 10 minutes of meeting” and is sincerely disappointed. She tells me “Thinking about going back home” and “This is really a disappointment”, “You clearly had high hopes tonight”… My frame completely crumbles and I think to myself “IDIOT, how could you fuck this up, this was going to be a lay!” I do my best trying to be unfazed but it’s clear I’m not.

I suggest we go to the next bar and she agrees. While walking, I’m CONVINCED I will not get this lay. In the next bar all options of sitting next to each other are taken, so we end up across each other. I think to myself, I’m double fucked lol. I’m still stung from her reaction but try to take it slow and rebuild attraction. It goes well and I introduce the questions game. We have random banter, all very smooth and natural and i start some light kino: touching hands, jewellery, but very slow.

I decide to go for a third venue, sit next to each other and go for a kiss close again. When we are there I go for more kino: hair, earrings and legs and end up going in for the second attempt. She refuses “are u serious?! U have balls trying again!”. But I can tell by the way she says it and the smile on her face that she’s loving it, so I grab her by the hair in her neck and go for the kiss again and succeed.

Finally! Phase 1 complete. We keep having amazing convo and the vibe is starting to get amazing. I decide to try and pull. We are now about 3.5 hours in to the date. When I propose she’s thinking really hard, I just sit back and finally she agrees. She drives to my place.

When at my place I almost immediately show her around my apartment and show her the bedroom last. I’ve had it before with lays that some girls just go sit on the bed, a clear indication she is ready to get it on. She does too and lays down. I do the same, we start to talk, kiss, hug, etc. and I start slowly undressing her. She’s wearing this lingerie that has buttons at her pussy. It’s the second daygame lay that’s wearing such an outfit. It’s fucking amazing.

I can feel how vulnerable she is, and see that she’s not allowing herself to let go completely. I’m thinking it’s token LMR so I just give her room. She tells me she doesn’t want to tell the complete story but there was abuse at some point in her life and she doesn’t want to kill the vibe but she needs more time and we won’t have sex tonight. I just treat her with sincere respect and compassion and give her all the room she needs.

She comes and goes. At some point she starts touching my dick and I pull it out, she’s holding it, backing off and coming back. She jumps on top of me and starts giving me an amazing blowjob. I turn her around, open the buttons (see up), she takes my dick and guides it inside her. We start fucking really intense. It feels more like passionately making love rather than wildly fucking each other. I’m enjoying every single microsecond of it to the fullest. The combination of her vulnerability, her softness and yet her wild and pure desire is releasing a full dose of happy hormones inside me.

Afterwards, while laying in bed she asks me “is it weird to already ask when we can meet again?” I tell her “Not at all” With a huge satisfied smile on my face 🙂


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