Question game is a popular game in pickup world. It is an easy way to bring conversation from boring to more sexual topics.

Most guys get over excited when playing question game and get too sexual. Or they let girls make the game too sexual.

The rule is simple: the more you escalate verbally the less she will go for physical escalation.

In this video I explain my version of question game – The 5 Questions Game.

It is the version I use after several years of testing it on my dates and teaching it to my daygame students.

How to play The 5 Questions game

It’s very simple. Girls ask you a question, you ask girl a questions. She asks another one. You ask another one.

Questions have to be interesting.

But to avoid it becoming too sexual I limit the game to 5 questions. So – you will ask 5 questions in total. And a girl will ask 5 questions in total.

4 rules of the game

1. You have to answer honestly. You cannot lie

2. Each question can have 1 sub-question

For example. You ask “Wine or beer?”. Girl answers “Wine”. You can ask a sub-question “White or red?”. The questions don’t have to be closed questions, obviously.

3. You cannot repeat a question

If a girl has asked you a question, you cannot ask her the same question.

4. Girls has to ask the first question.

Most girls will argue with this one and ask “Why?”. You simply tell “ahh.. You’re simply setting the tone of the game”.

This way a girl can choose to ask a polite question or “What’s your favorite position?”

If they argue too much I drop the 4th rule and simply ask the first question. Loose the battle to win the war.

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