Take control of your dating life and start meeting girls you like anywhere –

streets, shops, cafes, gyms, elevators, tennis chorts, etc.

I help guys who are tired of dating average girls from work, friends and online dating to learn to meet girl they like anywhere. Simply walk up to them and get to know them.

I don’t focus on advanced seduction advice and pick-up lines. There is plenty of material on that.

Instead I focus on

  1. How to overcome fear and start learning to meet girls you like;
  2. How to stop being a nice guy;
  3. Crazy stories from my and my student’s lives(threesomes, same day lays, “good girls”).

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What are you struggling most with right now?

Overcoming approach anxiety

Most guys I meet have the same story.

They’re either meeting average girls through friends, work or online dating but can’t walk up to any girl they like and say “Hi!”. Or they have overall problems meeting girls. They simply don’t know how to talk to girls.

I’ve created a free 7-day video course on how to take control of your dating life, overcome fear(approach anxiety) and start meeting exactly the type of girls you like!

My daygame improves too slow

Many guys are watching daygame videos. Much less are taking action. But only a few ever get laid with hot girls constantly.

I’ve met many daygamers from all over the world. And I’ve noticed 3 things most good daygamers have in common. 3 phases of learning daygame they all go through.

These 3 phases are what make the difference between guys who keep doing hundreds of sets and don’t get laid and the ones who sleep with amazing girls, have threesomes and other crazy adventures.

I’ve created a 6 day e-mail course in which I will tell you all about it.

Meet other daygamers from all over the world!

What happens when you don’t open a hot girl?

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Good daygame stats for beginner, intermediate and advanced

Are you a beginner, intermediate or advanced daygamer? What are realistic stats you can expect when daygaming? I just uploaded a video where I talk about: Common myths about daygame stats(1:100 isn't a beginner) My stats over 1700 sets Main difference between beginner...

How are you spending your quarantine?

The world went on a lockdown, people went into a voluntarily or mandatory self-isolation. People divided in two camps: I'll be productive, learn new stuff, do home workouts, start a new business I'll drink wine, smoke weed, eat pizza and watch Netflix all day I'm in...