Once you get over the toughest part of daygame(Aproach anxiety and learning to stack) you suddenly start getting numbers. It is the first breakthrough. You first success. But there still are many sets where after a minute girl “has to go” and many numbers flake. You might feel like it was a good set with high energy but she still flaked. And it used to really annoy me when I couldn’t figure out why it kept happening.

If you run a solid set, number doesn’t flake. You were interesting to a girl(attraction) and you felt like a normal person(comfort). If you are really good, she isn’t coming out on a date. She’s coming to fuck(if you can run good dates).

So how do you get from “I have to go” and flaking number to girls who want to go out with you?

You stop being a pick-up artist and become a normal person after the hook point.

This is something I’ve noticed when listening to recorded sets or coaching guys who already have daygame experience. They’re already getting numbers and some lays.

When guys became good at stacking, they forget to go to the next step. In the London Daygame Model(LDM) you stack with a goal to get a topic to talk about.

What I see most guys do is – stack, get a good response(topic to talk about), comment on it and then stack again, and stack again, and stack again. They are finding many topics to talk about. But never talk for more than 1 minute about any of them.

What you should do instead is really simple: stack, get a response(topic to talk about) and then tell a story about that topic that ends with a tease.

For example, if I find out the girl is a lawyer, I tell a story similar to this “Damn, that’s crazy. My ex was a lawyer and I realized two things about lawyers. 1st – you guys must work like crazy to get anywhere. Unless you have a master’s degree, you’re nothing. So you must be hard-working. But the other thing – I don’t know anyone who parties as hard as lawyers. So you’re like that? Working hard during the day and dancing on the tables at night?”

After that – just have a conversation about lawyers or partying. Like a normal person would.

If you have balls – try shutting the fuck up and letting her talk more than you after this point.