A while back I met a guy who was struggling to get real results from daygame.

Everything seemed to be good in his life. He worked a job he liked, was going to gym, travelling. But he couldn’t figure out his dating life.

  • He wanted to learn to meet and sleep with better girls using daygame
  • He wanted to have a rotation of hot girls
  • And he saw daygame as a way to change his life – maybe even start an online business and become location independent one day

But he kept struggling

He wasn’t going out enough. And he knew it. But he just couldn’t find enough time for daygame.

He was learning from good material online – good books, YouTube videos. But I could see he wasn’t using the material correctly. He didn’t even know it.

After struggling for so long he was loosing faith in game. He asked my thoughts – “Will i ever be good at daygame? Or does it work for some guys but not me?”

But he isn’t the only one thinking it

Daygame industry is painting this beautiful picture. Showing people get awesome at game. Getting laid. Having several hot girls in rotation. Sometimes – almost begging for the guys to free time to fuck them. Having threesomes, foursomes.

During my time in daygame I’ve learn that it all is true. And it all is bullshit.

Yes – you can get really good at game. Almost everyone can. I’ve seen guys with movement and speech disabilities get results in game. If they can do it – almost everyone can.

But it’s not as simple as just reading a good book on game, watching YouTube videos and going out when you can find time for it.

Most times I talk to someone who is struggling in game I notice one thing

They think they know what they are doing in sets. But actually they aren’t even seeing the mistakes they are making. After noticing it I understood why it’s so hard to get good at daygame – guys often don’t know the mistakes they are making.

Guys who learn what material and mistakes to avoid, find ways to take enough action and can fix their “mental game” to keep being inspired to go out, get to the end goal. Many other guys half-ass and get there much slower, if ever.

In the following days I will tell you more about what are the main mistakes I see guys making and what I call “Three Pillars Of Learning Daygame”.

What’s your story?

How long have you been interested or learning daygame? And what are you biggest challenges in daygame now?