A few days ago I was out daygaming in Riga. I noticed a very cute foreign girl coming up stairs from an underground tunnel. I remember myself telling “Oh my God, yes!” before I opened her. It ended up with an i-date and a lay few hours later. There were some very valuable things to learn about escalation and “take me home” signs.

But this time I will not tell the story. I spoke with the girl and she asked me not to write about it, not to publish pictures or anything else.

Why would you keep a good lay story secret?


First, the most boring reason – just to show some respect. I think it would be very rude to publish a story after a girl has asked me not to. Maybe you’re a bad boy. Maybe you’re learning and trying to stop being a nice guy. But remember to respect women. You can fuck them and still deeply respect them. As I like to say – I love every girl I sleep with. Maybe just a little bit. But I still love them.


If you’re a dick in any way(throw a girl out 2mins after sex, for example) you’ve ruined your relationships with her. You’re not a bad boy. You’re a dick. And she will definitely not have a threesome with you or explore the world of BDSM with your guidance.

Good girls gone bad

Very similar to the previous one. Most good girls have an unexplored wild side. They want to explore it. You can be the one to guide them there. Crazy sex, threesomes, BDSM, etc. If you are a nice bad boy with a good girl she can become your crazy, submissive fuck-toy(in a good, respectful way)

We live in a small world

Riga and many other cities in Europe are quite small. Girls talk. You don’t want everyone to know you are a dick and share stories that girls wanted to keep secret.


There are many crazy girls. You will have many crazy stories to tell. If you absolutely must tell this one story, it suggests it is your only story. And you don’t have any other ones.