May has been a crazy month. I’ve had 5 new lays from daygame. All with younger, hotter girls.

I number closed a cute barbie girl next to Vermanes garden in Riga a few hours ago. She was very giggly and sometimes shy. But she was very into it.

I had a date set up later that I didn’t want to go to. So I decided to try the barbie girl for a same day delay.

She responded to feeler very well and later said she’s going to a theater. Since I was leading a workshop for business owners that evening, I suggested meeting after that. We met after 21:00 and went for a drink.

My date gameplan

I knew we have very limited time until venues close to my place close. I was gonna focus on building comfort, make her invest as much as possible but make some strong spikes. Plan was to bounce home after first drink or go to another venue further away.

Doesn’t accept touching

When I put my hand on her back at the first venue she accepted it at first. But in around 5-10 seconds she leaned away from it. When building comfort, don’t bother about reactions like this. Take the hand away, build some more comfort, escalate physically again.

We spoke about Vicky Christina Barcelona and she said she would love to see the movie some day. And we spoke about my signature meal – perfect burgers that I cook. She said she would love to try them one day.

I suggested we go and cook the burgers since she was hungry. She didn’t say yes. She didn’t say no. But I could feel she was 80% OK with going to mine to cook. She had to feel safe. Date is about making the girl want you, know that she can’t get you right away and make her strangely comfortable with you in such a short time.

Resistance when pulling home

We left the venue and walked towards my apartment. I heard what I expected “Where are we going?”. “We can go pick up the ingredients and cook some perfect burgers, or we can go for another drink at another bar. Don’t worry. I’m inviting you over for burgers. Nothing more, nothing less”.

Simple solution when pulling home and know you will face resistance: explain going to yours doesn’t mean sex. Sometimes I’m pretty direct about it.

Of course, I also used the typical “This is kinda crazy. I don’t know you and we are already going to mine. What is happening?”

I have “X” tomorrow

She said she has to go and study later. She had an english test the following day. Ignore this. Always. It’s her logical brain making excuses. And she’s testing your frame. Are you the guy who’s gonna fall in her frame? I ignored it completely. As if I hadn’t heard it at all.

Not enough physical comfort. Lay will be very hard

We cooked burgers, watched a movie(talked 90% of it), kissed, cuddled. But the makeouts weren’t heavy. I knew there would be a lot of token LMR(possibly no lay) if I escalated too fast on the living room sofa.

Me: “Are you a cuddly person?”

Her: “What do you mean?”

Me: “How do you sleep at night? Do you cuddle up like a koala? Or do you just turn your back and don’t care about person next to you?”

Almost every girl loves to cuddle up next to you. Like a koala. I used this to make idea of staying over associated with cuddling not sex. Her decision is about staying over. It’s a very easy decision. But if they stay over, in most cases it’s an easy lay.

Do you have a t-shirt I can borrow?

Of course I do. But my answer is no. It has never stopped a girl from staying over. Fuck the T-shirt.

She’s escalating but doesn’t let me escalate

Even when on the sofa, her hands were traveling places. She put them very close to my crotch. But never touched it. At the same time – she didn’t allow me to kiss her for too long or do any escalation.

Her touching me = her body wants sex.

Not letting me touch her = logical brain saying “I won’t have sex with him”.

Resistance in makeouts

When facing any resistance while building comfort(date venue, first 30mins at your place) don’t react. Stop, build comfort, repeat.

Facing any resistance while making out back at yours(or any resistance after 30mins at yours) – there has to be a reaction. Most typical is to freeze her out. As soon as she doesn’t comply, take your phone and check those WhatsApp messages(if you have many leads, there should be occasional notifications. Don’t turn the sounds off. Let her know your phone is always hot). Or check your Instagram feed. Or roll off completely and watch a movie. Her reactions will be epic. Then get back to escalation. First freezeout can be really short. Each next – longer and longer.

This is really bad. We shouldn’t be doing this. We are so bad

I learned this from Mystery. When you start making out heavier and she complies, at some point I might say “this is really bad. We shouldn’t be doing this. I’m a good church boy(St. Robert)”. I say it with a really naughty look in my eyes.

I did this both on the sofa and several times in the bed.

How comfortable do you feel?

At some point we spoke about what makes sex good. And I said it’s people being comfortable with themselves and feeling free with the other person. Several times when resistance came up, I asked “are you comfortable right now?” As soon as she realized she’s comfortable, she resistance went away.

Last seconds of resistance right before sex

She had been single since last summer. Doesn’t do random sex. Doesn’t do one night stands. This was something very new and very wrong for her. She hadn’t had sex since the breakup. A proper good girl.

She kept saying “Do you think we really should do this?”. I tried using “this is so bad”, “are you comfortable right now?” and other things. Rolling off at this point wouldn’t work. We’re too far. No matter how much comfort, this last second resistance will be there. If she cools off – there will be no lay today or any other day.

But there is another really good method I learned from Tom Torero’s Stealth Seduction.

I leaned in and started talking dirty to her. How I saw her on the street. How hot she was. And how I want to be inside of her right now”. Within 2 seconds this drove her over the edge and she was ready to go.

No more resistance. Just her singer’s voice entertaining my neighbors.