Who should and who should not spend money on Stealth Seduction

When I got my hands on Stealth Seduction it took my game to the next level. I was already getting good results. I knew the London Daygame Model well. I could get numbers, dates, lays.

Stealth Seduction helped me to drop the ABC nice-guy daygame and make my game more sexual. Not because it had new “lines” or ideas I could use. All of that is available in Street Hustle book. But Stealth Seduction helped me understand the concept of vibe. How to become more of a bad boy and create sexual vibe. I remember two exact things I learned:

  1. Stop the chit-chat. Chill the fuck out. Talk less. But when you do talk – do it with intention(build attraction, comfort, seed, etc)
  2. How to get past the last seconds of token LMR. Sometimes the regular rolling off or freezing a girl out doesn’t work. SS showed me another way to do it. So far it has been the most effective way to overcome token LMR.

Who should not buy Stealth Seduction?

If you cannot get numbers, don’t buy Stealth Seduction. Get Street Hustle book instead. Or just watch everything on Tom Torero’s YouTube channel.

You can get numbers with a nice-guy ABC daygame. You can even get dates and lays with it.

Also if you prefer getting faster results, just get daygame coaching. It’s more expensive. But you will see a very clear step-by-step growth after each day of coaching.

Who should buy Stealth Seduction?

If you are getting numbers but have to do more than 30 opens to get 1 lay, get Stealth Seduction.

  • You will learn to be more of a bad boy in your sets;
  • you will learn what to do on dates;
  • there are subtitles explaining what’s happening(when she hooks, when Tom’s teasing, spiking, etc);
  • you will learn to overcome token LMR better;
  • you will see how different nationalities react to daygame.

Think about how much you spend on one date. And how many dates you need to get a lay. That’s a lot of money 🙂 Do the math. Stealth Seduction is a big part of what helped me move from 3rd date lays to 2nd date lays to 1st date lays to same day lays.

I’ve watched all of Stealth Seduction and can answer to your questions about it. Just ask your questions in our WhatsApp group chat.

You can get Stealth Seduction here

and Street Hustle here

Disclaimer: I’m not making any money from suggesting you to buy Street Hustle or Stealth Seduction. I believe Tom’s material is the best out there. And if you can’t afford getting daygame coaching, Street Hustle and Stealth Seduction are the best things to spend your money on.