There is a ton of theory. Some worse, some better.
Everyone knows the theory – how to go out, open girls, push-pull, escalate verbally, kino, pull home, token LMR, sex.

It’s easy in theory. Most guys stick to Tinder/online and some nightgame. They are getting laid. But not with girls who are much younger than them.

I’m 31 and I think it’s not an art to sleep with a girl who’s 25+. No one wants to take them to Abu Dhabi and France or buy them iPhones. 20 year olds get everything they want from the hottest and/or richest guys.

Having game means sleeping with hot girls in their late teens, early twenties.

I know only a few guys who are able to do that. And even less guys who are over 27 and can do it. Almost noone who’s 27+ gets laid with 20 year olds.

So I decided to do something good for the game community.

I WILL DO A FREE WEBINAR where I explain what is the process I used to learn to meet younger and hotter girls.

As you all know, I’m a daygamer. I don’t go out during the night. So most of the stuff will be on how to get from 0 to having regular sex from daygame.

Getting from having a crippling approach anxiety to going out regularly is hard. But I’ve found a way to do it for myself. I’ve tested it on my friends and it worked. Everyone could overcame their AA and started doing approaches. I’ll explain what worked for me and others to get from 0 to getting numbers and getting laid from daygame.

If you are interested, just shoot me an e-mail and I’ll send you more info.

It will take place Thursday, December 27th 19:00