In this podcast episode I interview one of Russias best seducers. He is from Moscow. And has a very Russian name. He is Sergey โ€œFetishโ€ Bogdanov. Has around 400 lays, has had tens of threesomes, tons of SDLs and anything else you could want.

In the end of the podcast he tells a few stories about how he banged a German girl he met on a plane while they still were on the plane. Or about a foursome with 3 other girls.

He has coached literally thousands of people in a Russian seduction company I work with. They have a very different approach to game and this is why I wanted to do this interview. I wanted to talk about how he views seduction and his approach to teaching guys game.

We talk a lot about seduction, seduction coaching. I especially liked his view on calling vs texting girls debate and stories about crazy tasks they make guys do in their trainings.

I hope you enjoy this interview as much as I did. If you have any questions, send them to and I will ask then Sergey if we end up doing a follow up episode.

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