Many of you have asked my opinion on living healthier, whether it is important if you want to change you life and how to start doing it.

I still think that people should start changing their lives with learning meeting girls they like as I explained in Podcast #2. But If you want to start living healthier this podcast will be a great start!

In this episode I interview Kaspars Vendelis whose life purpose it to live until 120. He is one of the leaders of biohacking movement in Latvia and organiser of the largest biohacking conference in the Baltic States.

In this interview we chat about Kaspars’ view on how people should think and what should they start with if they want to start living healthier.

His views on health are very similar with my views on learning daygame.
The long interview ends with a very simple first step you can take if you want to start living healthier.

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