When working with my daygame clients I’ve noticed several main challenges they have.
1. Girls have to go soon after starting a conversation
2. Girls give you their numbers but then don’t respond to texts
3. Girls come out but sleep with you on the third date or later
4. Girls might even come back to your place, make out with you, but refuse to have sex
I used to have all of there problems. First, the girls wouldn’t stop. They would have to leave. They wouldn’t respond to texts. Wouldn’t come home. And even when they did – they wouldn’t have sex until second or third date.
I’ve also seen what happens when guys learn to make a few adjustments to their game. Girls hook faster, conversations are more interesting, they come on dates and sleep with them on the first date. If you became really good, there is a little secret you will uncover. Girls are very sexual. They have crazy sexual fantasies and desires they want to bring to life but are scared to. You can learn to be the guy with whom they choose to realise all the craziest things you can imagine.
I’m talking threesomes, BDSM and everything else you’ve seen on your “lonely evening computer sessions”.
I’ll talk about how to stop being a nice guy and become more of a bad boy on my upcoming video series on YouTube. You can see the intro and subscribe on my new YouTube channel!