As Ice Cube would say “It was a good day!”. I had a lay that left me puzzled about “what the fuck did just happen?”, “was she playing me all this time?”, “how?”, “WTF?”

It almost didn’t happen but when it was a fucking storm.


She was standing by Laima clock, a typical meeting point in Riga around 13:00. Very slim chance she was waiting for a date. Most likely – her taxi. When a girl is waiting for a taxi/bus/green light you have to know what you’re doing. Sets have you be fast and high energy. But you have to manage to have at least some grounding – 30 seconds of normal conversation. Not just the fun, teasing, laughter.

I opened her by teasing about her typical white girl look – Ugg boots, blonde hair, parka and a take-away coffee. She played along and we had a playful 2-3 minute long conversation until her taxi arrived.


We pinged a bit back and forth. After I sent my typical ping with my sitting in a coffeeshop working with my laptop she called me a “white girl”. She was teasing me – great. It’s on!

We agreed to go for some beers.

A little mishap happened though. I sent her a screenshot of out conversation and she noticed my typical [dg] tag in front of her name. She was eager to know why she was saved with a tag like that. I just said it means “Dagestan”. It’s the country I am going to sell her to.

Drugs and sex with little “normal people” conversation

We went to my favorite bar for some beers. The conversation was crazy. Literally the first topic we talked about was drugs. She was giggly, fun and seemed very open. But it was a red flag!

Why it is bad if a girl is too open right from the start?

I was surprised how most the conversation was about drugs, sex and partying. That’s not typical for first drink. We both laughed it’s a bit weird and tried hard to talk about “the regular, boring” stuff as well.

After learning from my mistakes about not sleeping with a girl fast enough I started to think “Can I fuck her in the bathroom of this bar now?”

Sometimes conversations like that mean “fuck me now!”. Other times it means something completely different.

I noticed something. There was a lot of spicy talking, laughter, teasing and fun. But it was just on the surface level. I noticed it was her way to not open up to people, keep her distance and still seem like a cool, hot girl. So I knew – something was off. If I want to sleep with her, we need to get real and have some real conversations.

To escalate or not to escalate?

We soon went to another bar. We could have stayed in the first bar. But I wanted to stop the “on the surface” conversation and get some real connection with her. It would be much easier if we changed the venue. Whenever you stale – just change the venue to go to the next level.

She was a modern girl and got our beers at the 2nd bar(as always – 5 minutes away from my place). We finished playing “5 questions game” which we started on our way there and started to talk. As she checked out my instagram she saw the picture of girl I had tied up during some rope bondage play. Although we sat on a sofa she sat in a way that it was hard for me to take a seat next to her. To fix this I told I wanted to show her some tattoos I like and wanna get. I opened my instagram and scrolled for minutes until she sat next to me to see them. Good move, right? 🙂

Ahh, now I get why she was so closed up

We were there for a good hour. I told her about a crazy movie she has to see, showed the trailer. As she told she wants to see it, I told we were gonna watch it as soon as we finish our beers. When she understood that means going back to my place, she showed her cards.

Turns our she had been raped last summer and was very scared from guys.

What to do in such situation?

I told I had spoken about that with tens of girls and I knew that around half of them had either had the same experience or have been very close to it. It’s a crazy, fucked up world out there.

I showed her an e-mail from e-bay which had my address. Told her to send it to a few friends and led us out of there. We went to mine.

I’ve got to go soon

As soon as I did any escalation she went for it for a few seconds and then kinda froze. She wanted it. But couldn’t open up.

I did what I always do in such cases – enjoy watching the movie, cuddle, chat, kiss a little and build comfort in general.

“The last bus” trick

I knew she wasn’t from Riga and had to go home to get some stuff for work before tomorrow. But I was pretty sure she could deal without getting it. Just to be safe – I checked what time her last bus was and made sure we finish the movie late enough 🙂

She started to feel comfortable, was fine with kissing. I saw her trying to break down her inner walls. It was hard for her. It wasn’t about going too fast. Or not wanting to have sex. It was her battle with herself.

As she realised she had almost missed her last bus(She checked time constantly so it wasn’t a surprise) she decided to go to the other apartment she had by taxi. But – once we’re finished chilling. I tried to get her to stay over but that didn’t work out too good. I tried a lot of things. It was ON. But there was this great wall of China inside of her.

WTF did just happen?

And then at one point we were talking about her staying or not staying and…

I just pulled her on top of me, we started making out like crazy, ripping each others clothes off and fucking 3 minutes later.

I must say – these were one of the best tits I’ve seen in a while!

A few minutes later she discovered she is a squirter.

We were both sitting with puzzled faces. And I couldn’t grasp what had just happened. How the hell did we go from barely kissing to squirting, hardcore choking and her complaining about me not cuming in her mouth?

No ragrets

As we were both laying naked she told she was hoping she would be able to break her inner barriers and sleep with me. After having a short after sex chat, she laughed and said “No ragrets!”. We laughed some more, kissed some more, agreed this was an awesome adventure that we should repeat.