I arrived in Belgrade, Serbia a bit more than a week ago. We were on a daygame trip with several other guys. And it was tough. Girls not stopping, just telling “No!”, giving you the “fuck you” look. 8 blowouts in a row seemed like a norm. I was getting some numbers, half of them from girls with boyfriends. But they didn’t seem to turn into dates. Other guys were doing worse.

But after spending a week there I started to get an idea about how to daygame there. I was starting to get numbers, some good text conversations.

It was a Monday afternoon and I was 9 sets in in my 10 set session. And then I saw her. A cute girl walking down the shopping street. With a lost look on her face. Snapping pictures of small side streets. She was clearly a tourist. I was pretty sure – a Russian one. And she was beautiful.

I opened her by saying I loved her artistic style and how she didn’t have a care in life. She had just arrived, didn’t know anything and was meeting her friend tomorrow.

I noticed she struggled when speaking English so I switched to Russian(I speak fluent Russian). She kinda freaked out about how come I know Russian. Maybe it’s because of her job. She works a very serious job. Maybe I’m a Russian spy sent to find out what she’s talking “behind Big Brother’s back”?

I suggested going for a coffee as I had just “finished work”. We went to the only place which serves specialty coffee. A nice spot Frank had discovered earlier.

She was very beautiful, had that cute innocent vibe and was very shy. She almost didn’t talk. But started opening up very slowly towards the end of our coffee. Russian girls often seem kinda shy. They open up slowly. But this one was especially quiet. Almost innocent.

After the coffee I showed her the Belgrade castle. It was time for the first spike. As she was walking up stairs I asked “do you know why guys let girls go up the stairs first?” She thought it’s because if a girl falls back they can catch her. I was blunt. “No. It’s to check out her ass”.

We walked for a good half hour. Maybe even more. Just as I seeded the castle while we were having coffee, I told her about this amazing bar with a great view of the Sava river and New Belgrade. Maybe we could even catch the sunset there.

We went there for some drinks, sat outside and enjoyed the view. The more time we spent together the nicer it got. We had a nice connection. She started opening up, telling about her life and her very serious work, travels, living in different places, etc.

As the sun was setting it got pretty cold and we moved inside. The bar was a bit dark, had cosy sofas and good beer – all you need for a date. Inside the vibe was completely different. We started to talk about much more interesting topics. Experiences she had had living in different places. Cocky asian guys thinking it’s OK simply to walk up to her and offer to have sex just because “she’s a white girl. And white girls definitely want some asian D”.

Things got much more interesting when we started playing the “5 Questions Game”. Now it wasn’t about what we were talking about anymore. It was about light touches, checking out her watch, nails, hand on the leg..and eyes who said “I want you!”. By this moment we both knew what was going on.

But.. She mentioned she had hired a girl for a “1-on-1” pub crawl. And she was a very logical girl. If she had made up her mind about somethings, she will do it. She asked if it was OK if she went to meet the girl and met up with me later. I knew there wasn’t much I could do about it.

This was a very important part of our date. In the bar she already had “kiss me” eyes. But I didn’t do it. I walked her to where she was meeting up with the girl. On the way she said she can come over to my place later. She just needed my address. I didn’t react to it. Because people change their mind during pub crawls, getting more drunk..or sobering up. We spent 10 minutes she had before the meeting in a park nearby, talking, hugging and exchanging some cheeky looks. Her eyes were screaming “kiss me, moron!”

Let me explain why I didn’t do it. By this time she was 2 drinks in. She didn’t drink much. 2 drinks means she was pretty drunk. If I kissed her now, she might view it differently after she sobers up during her pub crawl(she wasn’t gonna drink much during it). I didn’t want her to think we were 100% having sex when we meet later. And I wanted the tension to be there. I wanted her to think “Why the hell didn’t he kiss me? He was leading, had balls and could have easily done it. Why?”

She had some shopping bags. Which I offered to take to my place so she wouldn’t have to go to the bars with them.

We kept texting, she was sending me pictures from cool bars. And 3 hours later I got a message “I’ll soon be free. Where are you?”. As she arrived downstairs I asked if she wants to hit one more bar or go for a drink at my place. No bars.

She seemed like a nice, innocent, shy Russian girl. Who turned out to have nipple piercings, a hidden tattoo and an ability to deepthroat like almost no girl I’ve met. I met her on Oct 7th.. And we collapsed after sex an fell asleep a few hours after midnight on Oct 8th – my birthday. What a lovely gift from daygame gods!

After I asked “when did you knew we were gonna have sex?” she said she went to her hotel to put on matching underwear before coming over after the pub crawl.

I invited her to come for drinks with me and other daygamers. Everyone was warned not to talk about game. But at the last bar it was pretty obvious. Two guys gaming girls on a table next to ours, Mr. V. going outside to open a chick sitting on a bench next to the bar. I quietly told her what it is I actually do. She got a bit weird for a few minutes but took it surprisingly well. Everyone was entertaining her. I think she had an amazing time with our band of church boys.

She got me an amazing gift – a new belt. Very nice and high quality one. I made sure I christen it by spanking her with it.

We met one more time for lunch 2 hours before she had to leave to airport. But as I put her hand on my dick in a restaurant we were in it was sure – this wasn’t gonna be a simple good-bye lunch. We still had an hour left.. Which we spent passionately in my AirBnb.

It’s one thing to just meet a girl and sleep with her. But it’s a different thing to spend several days with her, knowing that she will remember the trip forever.

I hope now she understands how hot she is.