Every second sentence she said was a frame test. Non-stop bullshit. But I knew she was really into me. And that’s what allowed me to push her away so much.


I met her exactly a week ago on one of the first warm spring days. I was walking with a fellow daygamer. She passed us in a very short black dress, revealing tattoos she had on her legs and a pink leather jacket. She was so hot I didn’t want to approach. Challenge accepted!

I stacked about her having two parts – pink leather jacket for an angel and short black dress & tattoos for the devil.

The set had a very high energy, some kino immediately during the stack, lots of teasing and challenging.

We vibed about both drugs and business. Angel and devil.

When I closed, she gave me her serious business card. I took her by the leather jacked, shook her playfully while saying “Get back to you rock-n-roll vibe”.

Date 1

On text I told her I’m shaving my hair off on Thursday. We set up a date for Thursday. But my Tuesday date got cancelled. Because she was so compliant and replied fast, I told she has a chance to see me one more time while I still have my hair. We set up a date an hour later.

Instead of agreed upon coffee, we went for a beer to a small place in the center of old town. She went to choose seats while I went for our beers. I accused her of not paying close attention to a random guy she doesn’t know getting drinks.

Drinks were on very high energy I suggested taking a walk and going to a park to consume some more substances. For obvious purposes, let’s call them ice-cream. She wasn’t sure park was a good place to do it so we went back to mine.

I escalated both verbally and physically as usual. But I couldn’t get too far.

The frame tests became stronger and stronger. Do you always seduce young girls(she was in her early twenties, I’m 30)? What’s wrong with you?

I realized this wasn’t gonna end how I wanted and told I’m tired.

5 mins after leaving she texted “Thank you”. Always a good sign.

In this date I was mostly using cocky-funny(agree and amplify) answers to frame tests.

Date 2

On Thursday I pinged her. I told my “hair makeover” has been postponed to Tuesday. She responded instantly saying I must let her fondle my hair one more time.

We met later that day and went for a walk. After a while it started again. “Are we talking a walk and will “accidentally” end up at yours? I don’t want to go to yours and chill”. We went to a park for 30mins and then to mine.

While walking back from park i understood agree and amplify kept the vibe too playful. There was a lot of pulling. Not enough pushing. I started ignoring all her frame tests. If she asked 3 times, i gave her one cocky-funny answer or just told to stop asking silly questions.

How I understood I can push her away strong

We were playing questions game at mine. Her answer to “What 3 things do you like about me” let me know she was really into me. And her answer to “What scares you about me” was “I’m afraid you will loose your interest in me”.

From that moment I started pulling as usual but pushing stronger. After every “no” during escalation I froze her out for a few minutes – texted, checked my laptop, made tea.

The best frame test: She wanted me to help her understand how to sell more of the stuff she sells at her work.

She actually got pissed at me for not falling for her silly questions and requests. Wine wasn’t good enough. Music was bad. When I asked “Will you marry me?” she said “You’ll never be able to afford a ring I would say “Yes” to”. Gold!

Still I didn’t get too far. Couple of hours had passed. I said I’m tired, offered her to stay, which she didn’t agree to.

I knew I would vacuum for at least 5 days. Push, push, push

Date 3

Next day. Friday.

My internet was disabled. When I turned it back on I saw she had sent me a picture and deleted it afterwards. I ignored it. A few hours later she simply asked if she can come over to mine later that evening. I agreed saying that I’ll be home late since I was at a wedding. We agreed to meet after 22 at mine.

I knew I wasn’t gonna play games. My plan was to both escalate hard and fast and freeze her out every time I got a no. I knew – if she keeps playing even the slightest games, I’m doing Royal Flush and telling her to get out of my place.

Good news.

She arrived around 22:30. I was having a cough all week. And she brought me cough medicine. A huge investment. Well… I refused to take it.

We did a bit of comfort and I started escalating. I escalated quite fast. Froze her out for a while as planned. But got back to even faster escalation.

Any touching below the belt was off limits.

But as she got more and more turned on I want for it and she complied. What is very very important. I knew this didn’t mean much. She was the kind of girl who could say no at any moment.

After a few more minutes I took her to my bedroom. Took off her dress(she still gave me “What do you think you are doing?”). I told her “Shut up”, pushed her in my bed and the rest was history.

The after sex chat

In our after sex chat I understood two things. She hated the way I am. She was incredibly attracted to me. Don’t be afraid to be the bad boy.

Main takeaways:

  1. this is only needed with princesses who frame test and play games too much;
  2. create strong attraction;
  3. pull hard but calibrated;
  4. push hard when needed;
  5. make sure she’s attracted enough;
  6. push harder when needed;
  7. be ready to use Royal Flush and ask her to leave.