Mr. B. from Belgium left an awesome lay report in our Telegram group chat “Daygame Church”. This happened after his 2nd Skype coaching session.

He also sent me a picture. The girl is hot as hell!

Just a quick LR from this weekend.


Thought this might be interesting because this was an amazing reference experience for me, in which I discovered what I belief is currently the biggest sticking point in my game and that’s basically my own sabotaging belief system/monkey mind while being in sets.


Being in a set and getting this ‘idea’ that the interaction is ‘not going anywhere’ and then starting to make up excuses in my mind like ‘she’s not interesting or hot enough’ ‘this set is going nowhere’ ‘she doesn’t like it’ etc… just to rationalise to myself I have a valid reason to exit the set.


This is exactly what happened 3 weeks ago when I opened this chick and exited myself thinking the set was going nowhere. Funny because It ended up being a 2 day sex marathon this weekend.


I was in the city with Mr. V and opened a cute looking shorty from Amsterdam. She was waiting for her mother and so I instantly felt some awkwardness thinking this would be a problem.


During set I was thinking ‘this is going nowhere’ and I wanted to leave before her mother arrives. I didn’t even bother to ask for her number. At the end she told me she was thinking about moving to Antwerp and since I’m in real estate I just gave her my card and told her she could hit me up if she ever needed advice…


I went back to Mr. Vā© and told him something like ‘naaah bad set man’. Vila told me ‘What?!, she was really down bro’…That evening I received a message from here telling me how amazed she was I talked to her that day.
She immediately started investing a lot, I kept playing it cool and slow while planting a lot of seeds for coming over to Antwerp.


She was supposed to stay for a night, and I was supposed to show her the city, but we just ended up 2 nights at my appartment banging each other’s brains out non-stop.


Funny anecdote: When we were having a drink the first night (venue 2 lol) she showed me this pictures about some outfits she really liked (pictures of models, not herself) and ended up by ‘slipping’ in some pics of her in bikini’s. When we got home and were ready to fuck she told me ‘i’ll be right back’ and came back wearing one of the lingerie outfits she showed me (her body was insane btw). That’s that shit that just makes you feel like a true pimp and is worth every fucking blowout, and all the freezing cold daygame sessions of the past 2 months…


In addition to this experience, I’ve started daygame coaching with St. Robert about a month ago, in which I also notice that when listening to my recorded sets with him that there have been multiple sets in which I think the girl doesn’t like it (aka the weasel in my head) and when listening to the set afterwards it’s clear she’s actually really down… Def missed out on multiple SDL’s(Same day lays)… Self-sabotaging…

Mr. B. is recording sets, sending them to me and we work over Skype on how to improve his daygame.

In the first Skype coaching session I showed him how to make girl interested to have conversations with him by building attraction. I gave him a few specific formulas to do that.

In the second Skype coaching session I heard him ejecting sets way too soon because he thought girls weren’t interested. I gave him a few tools to stay in conversations longer.

Now he’s starting to get lays! Awesome!

Will see how he’s doing when he send audios for our third session šŸ™‚