I went out yesterday to do some sets. Although we had the first signs of spring in Riga, it was -1 and snow ankles deep. I met with a wing of mine and we went to our usual spots – main daygame streets in Riga and several local malls.

We were chatting about recent adventures and a hot military style girl walked towards us. I caught her look and knew I had to open. She was around 1,75, wearing slim fit cargo pants, army boots and a camouflage coloured down jacked. Damn, she looked hot in that outfit. Add all the gold jewellery and watch she had and there she was – hot girl pulling off a crazy dominant style.

The perfect set

But the dominance melted soon and she turned into a little playful girl who couldn’t stop flirting.

I opened her with a tap on a shoulder from behind(Very effective if you master it. But don’t do it unless you have 1:50 or better open to lay ratio. It’s an advanced move). She freaked out a bit and it was a great thing to tease her about. How she, being a military girl, should have attacked me instead of freaking out. She took it well and played along. We had an 11 minute long set. Just the right amount of teasing, challenging and grounding.

You should have seen her by the end of the set. I asked what does she do for fun. She started telling me all about her hobbies, what she has done, does now and wants to start doing. All the while fidgeting more and more like a shy little girl.

She was on her way to a job interview so a same day lay was out of the question. I told her we’ll go for a wine tomorrow or some day next week and took her number.

Fast texting to set up a date the same evening

Texting was easy. I sent her a ping saying “I’m done with work! Time for friends and some beers! You still wandering around?” to while she immediately responded “I’m still here in the city center”. We agreed to go for some beers an hour later.

By that time it was 17:50. I knew one thing – the new daygame season had started. Because to go on a date with her and try for a same day delay, I had to cancel another date I had at 18:30. When you start canceling dates to have SDL or SDD you know – the season is on!

We met at a very romantic spot – beautifully lit small bridge by the opera house. Remind me to show it to you if we meet in Riga!


We went to the first venue – my favorite craft beer bar and sat on one of the sofas.

The start was slow. But she worked to make it interesting, asked questions, invested. I had to make myself shut up and not talk too much. She took my spikes well, complemented me on my watch. Perfect first venue. I felt I could pull her home already but just to be safe took her to another venue.

The second venue is the total opposite. It’s a small place right next to my place. Two types of people go there. Boring people who live nearby go for some pork chops and potatoes. Or young, hip skateboarding crowd goes there for some beers and probably to roll some joints.

Escalation in 2nd bar

We took a small, secluded, dimly lit table with a sofa. Light kino started right after sitting down. The mood was on. Communication got more and more non-verbal. More silences, hands on legs, light hugging. You could feel the deep, sexual vibe.

Escalating was easy but I still decided to play questions game. To my first question “What might surprise me about you” she said – “the small number of partners I had had”. She had gotten out of a 10 year long relationship a year ago and didn’t have much luck getting laid. I’m always surprised when I find out how hard it is for a hot girl to get laid. Then again – she had a dominant vibe which you have to have balls to be OK with.

I was showing her something on my phone while telling a story. And the time was right. We were sitting close, heads right next. She had brushed her head against mine for a few times. And as I was telling my story I just paused, looked at her and kissed her. She didn’t let me get back to my story and wanted to kiss some more.

By then I had talked about the amazing burgers I make, a movie I like and a stand-up show I love. I seeded the pull home.

Let’s go!

We grabbed an extra bottle of wine on our way and when walking in my place she said she wasn’t in a mood for a movie. That’s good – neither was I.

Back at mine everything went smooth. Not too long after arriving clothes were coming off, blowjobs were given, pussies were licked and fucking was done.

She had a great body – perky tits and a great ass.

Wow! I fucked up and could have done this much much sooner!

I did the usual “After sex chat” and she said another daygamer had approached her the day before.

The night before she decided she wanted to get fucked. That explains why she was so invested in the set. It made me realise one thing though. I started thinking. She wanted to have sex. I’m pretty sure I could have fucked her right after the 10 minute set.

Now I have a lot of unanswered question – how to pick up on signs like that sooner? How to calibrate to fuck a girl right after opening? And of course – I have to figure out logistics. I need to find disabled toilets in every mall, bar, etc.

I asked her “If I walked up to you and said “Let’s go and fuck” would you have said “yes”?”. To which she said “Yes”. It’s the second time I ask a girl such question. And both times I’ve gotten a “Yes”. I know guys who have done it. And I want to work on that – much faster pulls when they’re possible.

New daygame season, here I cum!