Learn to meet, get numbers, go to dates and sleep with hot and interesting girls

I’ve met different guys.

Guys who are just starting out. They are afraid to go talk to a girl, don’t know how to start a conversation. Girls often don’t stop or have to go after 10 seconds.

And guys who have been to bootcamps, had coaching and can run solid sets. Their challenges are flaking numbers, being “nice guys”, feeling too robotic and being able to go on dates but not getting enough lays.

And I’ve seen them learning to run good sets, getting number, getting dates and getting laid on first dates and same day lays.

I believe in structured daygame learning

When I see any daygame student in action I figure out exactly which part of the daygame interaction isn’t working for him. Usually it’s

  • just growing some balls and opening instead of finding reasons not to
  • wrong way to stop a girl which freaks the girl out
  • boring stacks(cold read assumptions you make about a girl) after which the girl “has to go”
  • too much “fun, entertainer guy” instead of acting like a normal person
  • not being able to find the right topic to have an interesting conversation about
  • having a nice chit-chat instead of a real conversation which makes the girl want you
  • boring conversations
  • being seen as a “nice guy” not a guy she is gonna fuck

In each set we focus on one problem. As soon as it’s fixed we go to the next one. I’ve found this to be a very fast way to learn. This usually takes client’s daygame to another level after each session.

Who is St. Robert?

I’m a god church boy. I actively started daygaming October 2017. Since then I’ve done more than 1500 approaches. And I have a 1:30 lay to open ratio(on average I have to open 30 girls to sleep with one).

Isn’t 1 in 30 shitty? No. Guys quickly learn to recognise which girls are horny and want sex. You can get better starts if you open just those girls. I don’t do that. I open different types of girls. The nice, the bitchy, simple, princess, student, lawyer, etc. If you open different types of girls 1 in 30 is top level statistics.

I’m 31, travelling around Europe. I coach guys from all over the world – USA, Canada, Australia, Germany, UK, Spain, Switzerland, Belgium, Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania, Israel, Hong-Kong, and probably some other countries I’ve already forgotten. When I’m not daygaming and coaching I’m training Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu and fly-fishing for salmon and trout.

Most of my lays happen on the first date.

When I started out I got lays on third dates. That’s a huge improvement in just a year.

I’ve done it all

Threesomes, foursomes, BDSM, anal, girls with boyfriends, good girls, bad girls, party girls, sugar babies – I’ve done it. I don’t teach guys to be nice guys. I teach guys to do in real life the stuff they watch on questionable websites while using Incognito mode.

I’m just a regular dude

I don’t fuck Playboy models every day. I’m not a wunderkind. I just used the right material and was willing to bang my head against the wall enough times. That’s all you need to get laid from daygame – the right material and a way to stay motivated.

I believe the best material to learn from is London Daygame Model.

As for banging your head against the wall – you can either do that or just get a coach to help you learn daygame much faster.

Who shouldn’t get coaching with me

Natural “just be yourself” game fans

You can “be yourself” from the start. Or you can learn daygame based on a model that works and THEN drop the training wheels and become a natural. I believe in becoming “a natural” after you’ve achieved good results. Not before.

Chronic nice guys

I don’t teach you how to get a wife tomorrow. If you choose to do so eventually, I’m all for it. But if you want to keep opening doors, bringing chocolate and flowers and believing in “We’re not gonna have sex today” I’m probably not the guy for you.

I used to wing with an amazing dude. His daygame was strong. He could easily get numbers. He could even get girls to his place from street or on the first dates. But he was a nice guy. So the girls almost never slept with him.

One evening, after yet another girl who didn’t sleep with him, we had a long phone conversation. After it he started getting laid non-stop. First date lays, same day lays, club pulls, etc. I didn’t turn him into a bad boy. I just explained what girls actually mean when they act like princesses, say they’re not gonna have sex with you, etc.

Women haters

I don’t respect when some calls a girl “bitch” or in whatever other disrespectful names. Girls have their reactions. If you don’t like girls, don’t learn daygame. Regardless of whether you’re a nice or a bad guy, you should respect women.

Daygame is tough

You get constant blow-outs, flakes, blue balls, etc. An important part is keeping a positive state. Especially when you’re daygaming in another country. Mental game is my strong suit and I always pay a lot of attention to it when “that time” comes during coaching sessions. Actually, I didn’t notice until two students told me this after our sessions.

What my students have to say about me?

This year I had the chance to meet, hangout and do daygame with Roberts for about 3 months while I lived in Riga.

First of all, I gotta say he is one of the top guys in the Baltics I ever met that has a very solid game and consistent results and most importantly the guy that goes out on the streets on a very consistent basis. At the life point at which I met Roberts I already had a pretty advanced cold approach daygame skills but I definitely lacked in having a strong frame and not taking shit from the girl no matter what.

But watching Roberts doing daygame and also later on his texting examples I learned how to be more grounded and keep my frame. Sometimes I would text Roberts for asking why this particular girl is ignoring me or not replying to my texts – and he would give me the true honest advice to go out there and meet more girls so I have more plates to spin and not get needy with any one particular girl. I must thank him for the fact that he once pointed me to approach a girl that later turned out to be a Russian model which I closed in day 2 and he actually gave me great tips on what to do to pull her home. What I also liked about Roberts is that he has a systematic approach to daygame and can easily teach it anyone and anybody can quickly understand that and put into practice.

Moreover, Roberts would never beat around the bush and would always give me honest, no bullshit feedback straight to my eyes if I was being a needy bitch or half assed my approaches with girls.


27, Lithuania

I approached Saint Robert for training after witnessing him coaching another student in Riga. Never having been coached before myself Robert was able to quickly highlight and address my sticking points and give me great pointers on how to improve. By the end of the session I felt like my game had gone up a new level. Well worth it the man knows his stuff!

Mr. A

33, Australia

*Take into account:

When I coach you, I have to travel to that destination and stay there. Costs of flights and my accommodation will be added to the total cost of coaching. If you have an extra bedroom in a central location, I can easily stay at your place.

Sometimes I do planned daygame trips to places around the world for a +/- month. If you want to do coaching in those locations, the flight costs are divided between all students I coach there.