Take your first steps in daygame

in Riga and other cheap places with epic girls

I help new daygamers take their first steps up to intermediate level.

I don’t write how to daygame. There is plenty of great content on this subject.

Instead I focus on writing about

  1. Daygame in Riga
  2. typical challenges and mistakes I’ve seen my wings and students make.

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Coming to Riga?

I put together a simple Riga Daygame guide and map with best places, tips and places to grab local beer at.


How to have a daygame threesome

FFM threesome. The pinnacle of sex. It's what everyone wants. And those who say they don't, still watch threesome porn online. I spent around a month trying to set one up. I had several failed ones. But then I figured out how to do it. And this is the story of how it...
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Fucking hot girls is shallow

Recently several guys have argued that looking for hot girls to sleep with is shallow. That there is more to a girl than her looks. They are into their personalities instead of their boobs and asses. Before I tell my opinion on this, disclaimer - I'm talking about...
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You learned to stack but still get no results?

Once you get over the toughest part of daygame(Aproach anxiety and learning to stack) you suddenly start getting numbers. It is the first breakthrough. You first success. But there still are many sets where after a minute girl "has to go" and many numbers flake. You...
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