Take your first steps in daygame

in Riga and other cheap places with epic girls

I help new daygamers take their first steps up to intermediate level.

I don’t write how to daygame. There is plenty of great content on this subject.

Instead I focus on writing about

  1. Daygame in Riga
  2. typical challenges and mistakes I’ve seen my wings and students make.

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Coming to Riga?

I put together a simple Riga Daygame guide and map with best places, tips and places to grab local beer at.


Todo list before you go out to meet girls

I'm in a closed Telegram chat about pick-up in Baltics. And one evening a saw a message "There are two interesting girls, looking for a wing with an apartment. I'm at the promenade with two great girls who want adventure". That's a tough situation. Because the dude is...
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When does daygame get easy?

Starting out is hard. At first it's hard to even go up to a girl. Then they don't stop. Then they leave 10 seconds into a set. They don't give numbers. They don't respond to your messages. They respond but then stop after a while. They don't come out. Don't come back...
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What will she think if I approach?

Will she think I'm weird? What will people around us think? Game is bad! What if someone hears us? Will she just laugh at me? Guys are scared to talk to girls during the day. I talk to beautiful girls on the streets all the time. With some of them(after sleeping with...
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