Take your first steps in daygame

in Riga and other cheap places with epic girls

I help new daygamers take their first steps up to intermediate level.

I don’t write how to daygame. There is plenty of great content on this subject. For example, Tom Torero.

Instead I focus on writing about

  1. Daygame in Riga
  2. typical challenges and mistakes I’ve seen my wings and students make.

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Coming to Riga?

I put together a simple Riga Daygame guide and map with best places, tips and places to grab local beer at.


Daygame in Riga review. Angelo from Portugal

Great daygamer from Portugal Angelo visited Riga for 1,5 weeks. He has around 700 opens and gets 1 lay out of 28 opens. Great stats. This is his review of Riga for daygame and our time together. If you are coming to Riga, have 300+ opens under your belt and are...
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Ignoring and pushing the princess away got me this lay

Every second sentence she said was a frame test. Non-stop bullshit. But I knew she was really into me. And that's what allowed me to push her away so much. Set I met her exactly a week ago on one of the first warm spring days. I was walking with a fellow daygamer. She...
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Sweety, I’m tired and gonna go to sleep

She was up for it. But her logical brain kept saying "don't do this". I opened her in late January in "Galerija Centrs" mall in the heart of Riga. She was a flamenco dancer who's studying to become an artist. As I told my usual "I stopped you because I really like the...
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